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Basketball involves lots of sudden movements on the court to get the ball into the hoop. So, if you’re wondering why I am getting so many ankle injuries when playing basketball, maybe you don’t have the best protection. Usually, there are three types of basketball shoes available in the market. These include the High Top, Mid Top, and Low Top that differ in response and cushions.

Usually, the high-top shoes give you the best protection and super speedy response while playing basketball. Therefore, if you want to buy a shoe with premium quality built and excellent cushioning, buy one from the leading brands. These include Nike, Air Jordan, and Adidas, which feature some of the best high-top shoes. Without compromising on the response, these sneaker offers you maximum cushioning for the ultimate gameplay.

The sneakers are also true to size and fit you comfortably. Be sure to have your priorities set before getting one because each shoe has a distinctive feature. For instance, one shoe that has excellent cushioning and stability might not be super light.

Best High Top Basketball Shoes 2022

Here are the five best high-top basketball shoes with maximum guarding capabilities and performance. A detailed review of each is given below:

1. Air Jordan 34 – Best Super High-Top Basketball Shoes

Want the best traction when you’re playing basketball, then look no further than the Air Jordan 34. The basketball shoes feature superb traction that will remind you of Air Jordan 29. In addition to this, the outsole features a multi-directional herringbone pattern. So, it gives you a sneaky grip on the court when you’re playing basketball. However, if the court is dusty, then all it takes is a quick wipe, and you’re back on track.

Also, the Air Jordan 34 has outstanding cushioning with its Zoom Air technology. The technology is responsible for giving you a unique feel when you’re wearing this shoe. Since the zoom air is present in the forefoot and heels, complemented by a foam layer at the top gives you springy movement. It also comes with an additional Eclipse Plate that supports the foot and acts as a performance booster. Therefore, it offers an incredible amount of protection to your feet.

.Although the Air Jordan 34 has fantastic tracking and cushioning, you might have to compromise on the material. The shoe features a lightweight synthetic mesh with small premium hints that are not there for any specific function but to make it look nice. However, the mesh reduces the weight of the shoe, giving it an ultra-lightweight feel. Furthermore, it also has superb ventilation, which is sometimes missing in other basketball shoes.

Moving onto its durability, then it is not the best robust shoe in the market. Since it consists of light material, you might have to sacrifice on comfort as well as support. Therefore, if you’re looking for a sturdier shoe that gives you magnificent support, then go for other options. However, its lightweight design provides a broader range of motions due to its decoupled heel. It’s because it allows you to move your forefoot in different directions without any restriction from the shoe.


  • Excellent Traction
  • Best Fit
  • Good stability


  • Expensive

In short, the Air Jordan 34 is performance-driven best high-top basketball shoes. It is highly suitable for fast players that prefer minimal setup. Also, it fits perfectly, and it can give you that close to foot feel. Moreover, it features excellent traction and cushioning, so you will love this Air Jordan model. Thus, if you’re looking forward to having fun playing basketball, then get your sneakers today.

2. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 – Best Indoor High Top Basketball Shoes

In case you’re looking for better support and superb traction, then go for the Adidas Harden Vol.3. These shoes give you a firm grip on the basketball court due to their insane traction. It’s all because of the herringbone pattern on its outsole. Although there is tight groove spacing, it still delivers excellent traction. Therefore, with these pairs of shoes, you can play basketball both indoors and outdoors.

When it comes to performance, the Adidas Harden Vol.3 doesn’t lag. It gives you the perfect balance between firmness and bounces on the basketball court. With a full-length cushion boost, it gives your feet extra protection without losing stability. Also, you will get the best amount of court feel along with the impact protection. However, it does have a caging at the lateral end, but that is just there to give you better stability.

Further, the materials of the Adidas Harden Vol.3 are fantastic, mainly consisting of mesh or Prime knit. Not only do these add additional support to the shoe, but they also are incredibly soft. Also, the sneakers look premium, but they also feel premium. Besides, this pair of shoes has excellent flexibility with an extraordinary amount of ventilation. Moreover, it also comes with an elastic band that is just there for enhancing aesthetics.

The basketball pair features a True-Fit, so it’s okay to go by your regular size. Also, there is no dead space within the shoe, so it fits quite comfortably. With fantastic lacing, you enjoy the best lockdown when you’re playing basketball. It will remind you of a Nike Kobe 5, so it’s a pretty good deal. Thus, you won’t be experiencing any slipping on the court, and it won’t give you blisters.


  • Premium Cushioning
  • Superior Traction
  • True-Fit


  • Lacks Break-in

Overall, the Adidas Harden Vol.3 has a responsive cushion with an incredible amount of traction on its outsole. Also, it is highly durable and lasts a lot longer when you’re using it indoors due to its high-quality mesh. Moreover, if you’re looking for the right balance between support and response, then this will be the best high-top basketball shoes.

3. Nike PG 3 – Best Nike High Top Basketball Shoes

Nike is the most trusted brand for basketball shoes, and Nike PG 3 is no surprise. The pair features extraordinary traction giving you the perfect bite on the court. Although the outsole doesn’t have the herringbone pattern, the circles work pretty well. Plus, you can also cover all directions, so you’re not compromising on anything. In addition to this, Nike PG 3 will deliver excellent traction, whether it’s a clean or dusty court.

The Nike PG 3 has excellent cushioning, unlike low-quality basketball shoes. It comes with a Zoom forefoot that makes these pairs of shoe super-bouncy and soft enough to wear. But keep in mind that it will take some time for the shoe to break into your feet. Once it does break-in, it will become your all-time favorite. Therefore, the cushion makes this shoe very firm but is still responsive, so you are getting for what you’re investing.

Furthermore, the shoe doesn’t have the most premium quality material, but it’s better than many other basketball shoes, such as NASA PG 3. Also, the material will give you outstanding performance on the court. Even though it has a cheap mesh, it still holds pretty well together. The outsole consists of translucent rubber, but surprisingly it delivers excellent performance. Also, it comes with a tight lockdown, which opens up after extensive use of the shoe.

Moreover, Nike PG 3 comes with a “true fit,” so you won’t have to go one size down or one size up. All you have to do is get your regular size, and you’re good to go. In terms of support, the shoe is just an average. It’s because it might not be the best available support when it comes to basketball shoes. However, it is everything that you need during your basketball game with a heel encounter.


  • Extraordinary Traction
  • Superb Cushioning
  • Highly Stable


  • Requires Break-In Period

Overall, the Nike PG 3 is much better than the NASA PG3 in terms of built material and quality. The shoe comes with traction that the basketball players crave. Also, the sneakers give your feet the right amount of protection while maintaining its responsiveness. However, keep in mind that the pair will require some break-in period. And after that, it outperforms many other basketball shoes.

 4. Nike Lebron 16 – Best High-Top Shoes for Ankle Support

Are you having trouble playing basketball with your previous pair of shoes? Well then get yourself the Nike Lebron 16 because it won’t disappoint you when you’re playing basketball outdoors. The traction pattern resembles the LeBron Soldier 12’s, which was more like a wave-herringbone pattern. Also, the sole consists of wider gaps that give the best possible firm on grip on the basketball court. Therefore, it has hard rubber, which features excellent durability.

Moreover, the outsole of this pair of shoes contains Max Air Bubbles for making it user friendly. Also, the sneaker has a similar-looking cushion to Lebron 15, but it’s quite different in functioning. It is much more rigid but still provides the perfect bounce and impact protection on the basketball court. Unlike the Lebron 15, it won’t sink at the bottom but gives you a springy bounce. Hence it gives you smoother jumps for playing basketball.

Furthermore, the shoe material is quite durable and consists of Battle Knit 2.0, like the last year. So, it’s a lot thicker as well as more robust than the previous version. The best part of this model is that it doesn’t have any glue or anything behind it. Therefore, it’s not restricted in any way, giving a broader range of motions. They have also lined the interior with another material, mostly nylon, with interior padding all over the shoe, and it works perfectly.

Moving onto the fit of the Nike Lebron 16 is true to size. There won’t be any dead space in the rear. Although some might find it loose in certain areas, it’s rare, so there is nothing to worry about. And these pairs of shoes will fit you like a glove giving you the best performance. Further, it also has an incredible lockdown, and the players will enjoy the tongue as it doesn’t add pressure to the shoe.


  • Good Stability
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Exceptional Tracking


  • Bit Expensive

In short, Nike Lebron 16 is a sturdy basketball pair shoe that you can buy from the market. The sneaker performs well on all sorts of basketball courts. In addition to this, it is highly suitable for both outdoor and indoor basketball without accumulating dirt. Furthermore, the shoe is comfortable to wear and doesn’t sacrifice any of a basketball shoe’s basic specs.

5. Nike Zoom KD 12 – Best Performance High Top Shoes

In case you’re looking for a sneaker that gives you exceptional cushioning, then the Nike Zoom KD 12 is the one. The pair of basketball shoes have the Full-Length Zoom Air and will become your all-time favorite. You can feel the air flowing from heel to toe, giving you excellent response and impact protection. The Zoom Air is present beneath the shoe’s insole for giving the player the right amount of bounce on the court with an extra Zoom pad in the heel. Therefore, it features a premium cushioning that’s worth your money.

Although the outsole of the Nike Zoom KD 12 consists of translucent rubber, which doesn’t give you a firm grip on the basketball court. But that’s not the case with this model as it performs well on clean courts. However, you will need to wipe on dusty courts occasionally; after that, you’re good to go. Moreover, the shoe has excellent consistency, and in terms of traction, it beats the Under Armour Curry 6.

In terms of support, the shoe is an average as it doesn’t have all the specs. However, it does have everything necessary in a shoe that allows it to maintain stability due to its rubber phylon. Since it’s a full-length shoe, you’re also getting tons of support in its heel. Furthermore, the shoe has one of the most robust heal encounters. Hence it has fantastic support.


  • Superb Traction
  • Good Stability
  • Superior Cushioning


  • Bit Narrow

Overall, the Nike Zoom KD 12 is another best High top shoe with premium cushioning and incredible traction. The shoe not only fits you comfortably but also gives the support that you need when you’re playing basketball. Moreover, you’re getting all these impressive specs at an affordable price.


Are high top basketball shoes better?

Yes, the high top basketball shoes are better in terms of safety, which reduces the chances of ankle injuries.

What are the best high top basketball shoes?

These include Nike PG 3 and Adidas Harden Vol.3, which are the best high top basketball shoes.

In Wrap Up

Summing up, the high top basketball shoes give you excellent impact protection. There are a variety of basketball sneakers that not only deliver the best performance on the court but are highly durable. To make it easier for you, I have picked the best high top basketball shoes that you can buy.  But if you want to know about the top three picks, then these include the following.

  • Air Jordan 34 – It has excellent traction and superb stability that comes with a true fit and high durability.
  • Nike Lebron 16 – It is best for playing basketball for playing indoors and outdoors due to its excellent traction and premium quality built.
  • Adidas Harden Vol.3 It is superior traction, premium cushioning for ultimate protection, and is True-Fit to size.

We hope that you will find this review to be helpful. Now you will be able to select the shoe that fits you the best. So without further do, purchase your basketball today and start hitting the courts. Be sure to stay in touch with the webpage for such content as we provide all the reviews for the latest products. Happy Shopping.

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