5 Best Basketball Shoes for heavy players – Review

Are you a heavy player and tired of body aches after every game? Do you want to ace every game and avoid fatigue? Being a big man can be good and sometimes bad for you. You always want to be the man of the match but end up having the worst pains ever. The strain on your joints can hinder your game, which leads to low levels of self-confidence and low motivation.

Having said that, the best way to avoid all the problems is to find the correct basketball shoes for yourself. A basketball player needs shoes with thicker cushioning, so the strain is not added to the knees and back. Even if a player is skinny and tall, the weight of his body leads to a painful body after every match.

All you need are some good pairs of sneakers, and you will have the game on your side. Some soft, comfortable basketball shoes are a go-to for every player. You don’t have to worry as we are here with this article which tells you about some of the best basketball shoes for heavy players.

Best Basketball Shoes for heavy players

1. Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes

As mentioned above, the best shoes for a heavy basketball player is the shoe with a high level of cushioning. Nike has the perfect pair of shoes for you. Lebron 17 are the shoes with the perfect levels of cushioning that keep your feet and ankles comfortable.

Lebron 17 has the best impact protection, which does not make a player feel the foot hitting the ground. This gives the player a perfect feeling of running on the fields of a cloud.

Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes

Apart from the cushioning and perfect impact-protected material, Nike has used a knitposite material at the top of the shoes, which makes it comfortable and thick; it helps to grip the foot of the player well.

As a player, you need shoes that are comfortable and hold your feet well at the same time. Not only are Lebron 17 comfortable, but they are also very stylish which makes them stand out when good-looking basketball shoes are what you’re looking for. This helps the player to be at ease and in fashion at the same time.


  • High level cushioning
  • Premium upper material


  • Heavy

2. Jordan Air Xxxiv Men’s Ar3240-100

This is the lightest air Jordan shoe ever. The best basketball shoe if you want a lightweight shoe with all the style and zero problems.

Jordan Air Xxxiv Men's Ar3240-100

These are the first Air Jordan shoes to feature herringbone traction. These shoes have a thinner outsole, which makes them lightweight but equally durable. Zoom Air cushioning at the heel and the front of the foot gives a bouncy effect after every step making them one of the best basketball shoes for jumping.

The product comes in three attractive colors and three sizes, with an average rating of 4.7. The material is not super premium but lightweight and breathable.


  • Bouncy cushioning
  • Herringbone traction


  • High retail price.

3. Nike Zoom Rize

If you’re a fan of Nike’s basketball shoes then you’re going to love Nike Zoom Rize which is a little cheaper version of their collection and the best for playing basketball. Their traction quality works best on smooth, non-dusty surfaces. The shoes feel stiff at the start, but with time, they loosen up according to the size of your feet.

Nike Zoom Rize

The real standout of the shoe is the double outrigger with the forefoot zoom encasing, which makes the shoe durable and comfortable for the players to wear.

This is not it! Zoom rize has a pair of internal lacings to tie your feet back at the heel of the shoe. This makes the shoe fit for your feet. It helps the feet to stay in place while playing around.

The Nike zoom rize is simply an amazing shoe for all types of basketball players.


  • Well-fitting
  • Bouncy zoom cushioning


  • Minor lateral support issues at the forefront

4. Nike Kyrie 6

The Kyrie signature series from Nike has always been the best in the market and an eye-catcher for many. Kyrie 6 is no less than any of the shoes in these series. The phylon cushioning in the shoes gives the softest of feelings to the feet. The zoom turbo feature in their shoes at the forefront gives a really good bounce in the shoes, helping the players reach the basket with the ball like a bird.

Nike Kyrie 6

The shoes are soft, providing comfort and good support to your feet, helping with the quick moves around the court.

Kyrie 6 is considered the best shoe in the series, making it a revolutionary amongst all kyries. It is the shoe that will work for every type of player.


  • Turbo cushioning
  • Best traction
  • Multi-angle traction patterns


  • Bulky
  • Runs smaller than other kyries

5. Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Nike Lebron Soldier 13

The laceless Lebron is very famous among the players. It is soft, comfortable, and has a really good grip. Yes! It has no laces, but the straps are strong enough to never open on their own. These shoes are very durable and contain a simple herringbone traction pattern. These shoes gather little to no dust and work amazingly, even outdoors.

Nike Lebron Soldier 13 are an allrounder working on hardwood and blacktop both. The style and design of the shoes add up to the amazing exterior, attracting more audiences towards themselves.


  • Supportive
  • Good traction
  • cushioning


  • Could be more comfortable


What are the hottest basketball shoes?

Nike Lebron 17 are known to be the hottest basketball shoes. They provide all the comfort with the most attractive looks. They are eye-catcher for many players and non-players.

Which basketball shoe has the best cushioning?

Air Jordan 34 and Nike Lebron 17 are known to be the best in cushioning. They have a thick and soft cushioning at the heel and forefoot of the shoes, which makes the shoes most comfortable and bouncy at the same time.

Is Nike Zoom good for basketball?

Nike Zoom Rize has what a basketball player needs in his shoes. It has good support, and traction, and feels very light at the foot, which makes it easier for the player to have the longest strides around the court.


Nike Lebron 17 is known to be the best shoes for heavy basketball players as they have the perfect cushioning and durability along with the design and style. Above mentioned shoes are the top 5 that basketball players can go for without facing many difficulties regarding availability, durability, and comfort.

Now all the basketball players can say bye to their aching backs and welcome their trophies home!!

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