Top 7 Best Looking Basketball Shoes – Review

If you are tired of your old-looking basketball shoes, then this article will help you to get rid of those timely shoes and switch with an amazing basketball shoe! This article explains the best-looking shoes of 2022 for people who want style along with comfort.

Precisely, it is not wrong to say that every product is best at what it was intended to. There are some amazing basketball shoes with a complete features outlook that will help you to select your best basketball shoe!

Best Looking Basketball Shoes

So the time has come to upgrade your shoe wardrobe with these amazing shoes…

1. Nike Kyrie 4

Depending upon the best features Kyrie 4 manufactured by the world’s best shoe brand Nike, is our best priority. This shoe is released in three basic versions with small deviations: women, grade school, and pre-school.

Nike Kyrie 4

Nike Kyrie 4 is actually the synonym of the word “Performance”! When we discuss the performance of any shoe, the major thing that needs to be considered is the shoe sole. The sole of Kyrie 4 is made up of the best quality rubber that molds its presentation level and performance into a new beauty.

Besides this, Kyrie 4 is one of the best cushioned basketball shoes as it adds support, and balance with its high-quality cushioning which is all that counts when you run or even jump. Another feature that is considered for running is the weight of the shoe. Kyrie 4 is designed with lightweight materials that give ease in running or taking a jumper.


  • Very cool-looking
  • Best quality materials
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Not for extreme outdoors

Overall, Kyrie 4 is the loudest of all because of its looks and performance. The best thing about this shoe is that it did not compromise on materials and stuff. However, it is not recommended for rough use or hiking, etc.

2. Nike Lebron 17

Nike has been introducing new shoes in the market calling these Knitposite. Knitposites are the modified or newest versions of shoes. Lebron 17 is basically the new evolution in the shoe market by modifying the upper part of Battleknit 2.0 in construction on Lebron 16. This modification is done to make Lebron 17 a lot more supportive and durable.

Nike Lebron 17

The advertisement of products about advancements is a common trend followed in every market. However, when a customer upgrades his or her old style, there is no significant change or modification. But fortunately, in the case of Lebron 17, the situation comes out the opposite. It totally functioned as it is advertised and this is the best thing.

The thing which should be considered majorly before going for a basketball shoe is it’s cushioning and traction. The Lebron 17 provides the best traction that is necessary for playing for a long time. This can protect your foot and make you comfortable.

However, the fitting may vary for different people depending upon their foot size. This is not to discourage you, but to guide. If you have already faced problems regarding the fitness of your feet then It is recommended to buy a shoe physically from a store instead of buying a pair online.


  • Wide collar
  • Best in support
  • Aeration


  • Fitting is not good for some

Overall, the product is an improved version of Lebron 16 providing more comfort level and cushioning. The good thing is that it is available in more than one color so you can choose your own as per your choice.

3. Nike Zoom Rize BQ 5468-400

The thing that makes Nike Zoom Rize stands out of all is its modified fabric or weaving pattern. The herringbone fabric used in its assemblage not only makes it one of the best-looking shoes in the market but, it makes your foot feel warm and smooth.

Nike Zoom Rize BQ 5468-400

Other than that, the outsole is also outstanding as it gives your foot coverage, from forefoot to heel, of 360 degrees. Between that, it has a very perfect groove spacing which is essential for friction especially on slippery floors and dry surfaces. This orientation is very necessary when you are looking for a basketball shoe.

The main point of attraction in this sneaker is the forefoot unit which has foam in it. Though the length of the foam is not confirmed it seems far more than the average length which any basic shoe can have. The foamed heel of this shoe gives the foot an ultimate level of comfort. You can simply expect tons of comfort from this basketball shoe!

Unlike many other basketball shoes, the Zoom Rize by Nike has no complaints about fitting and sizes which is the best thing, especially in the lockdown and pandemic session. Now you do not have to visit the store for size and fitness, you can simply buy a pair online.


  • Most comfortable
  • Herringbone pattern
  • Best groove spacing
  • Best in moving


  • No varieties available, yet

In summary, Nike Zoom Rize is one of the best nice-looking basketball shoes. Besides its bulky looks, the shoe provides multiple benefits to the basketball players like a great level of comfort, easy moving, cushioning, and good traction.

4. Jordan Why Not Zero .2 – Ao6218-900

If you want to get rid of your indoor shoes, then Jordan Why Not Zero .2 is making your game. This is because Zero .2 has a grip for both outdoor use and indoor use. Though, the outsole is made up of rubber which is very soft in nature. So, if you are supposing a very long-lasting or durable outsole and looking for that feature then this is not the best choice.

Jordan Why Not Zero .2 – Ao6218-900

When it comes to the midsole, Why Not Zero .2 is a good deal as in the middle sole foam pellets are placed in a compressed form giving the foot a very comfortable setup. The injected phylon also gives the shoe a bouncy appearance as compared to other shoes like Air Jordan 33.

The product is made of good quality leather and textile fabric. The Jordan Why Not Zero .2 is famous for its dust resistance ability. It is designed in a way that dust does not get stuck to the leather or fabric surface of shoes. So the dust is not a huge problem anymore.


  • Leather and textile material
  • Dust resistant


  • Less durable

Overall, these shoes are comfortable, quick, and more supportive. With all specifications, the price of the product is very less and affordable which makes it one of the best options when considering some amazing cheap basketball shoes.

5. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2

The HOVR is the term dedicated to the new cushioning system that contains the energy web. It is basically designed for better energy aiming to enhance the hardness that makes it different from other Under Armour’s products.

Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2

The item is made up of imported fabric and synthetic premium materials giving it an astounding look. With that, the products are responsible for making any shoe more durable and comfortable. Also, the bad or average quality materials are the cause of sores on your foot and may distract you during the game.

This second version of Under Armour HOVR Havoc has a superior level of comfort and exceptional locking. While playing sports, the fitness of your shoe is very important to support running, jumping, drifting, or any such actions. Fortunately, this version of Havoc is slim fit and available in most of the sizes as well as colors.

However, the Havoc 1 was more recommended if you are looking for traction because this version is somehow less concerning that. Wearing this one, you may lose friction even on sanitary courts.


  • Good quality materials
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple colors available
  • Good in performance


  • Average traction

Overall if you are tired of those old-looking, black, and white or typical men collection shoes then this product will totally amaze you as it is available in various colors at Amazon. Along with that, the product does not compromise on performance, durability, and comfort.

6. Adidas D Lillard 2 Men Basketball Shoe

Every customer needs to find an item that is less in price but more in quality and specifications. So if you are looking for such a basketball shoe then Adidas has covered you by introducing D Lillard 2 at a very affordable price. This cost-effective piece is very reliable and balanced. You can find it on amazon at below $100.

Adidas D Lillard 2 Men Basketball Shoe

Besides the price, this school grade shoe is a shoe safer because of its perfect cushioning system. It is designed in a way that can give total support to your ankle making it a good option for those looking for some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Thus, if you are wearing this item then there is less risk of ankle injuries as well. D Lillard 2 is enabled to self-pull back towards the front of your foot from the heel side. This phenomenon can provide good ankle movement.

It is light weighted and has perfect indoor traction which provides a good level of comfort. Also, there is no inconsistency in wearing it. However, for men with relatively big toes, these shoes are not recommended.


  • Good quality materials
  • Ankle support
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Good traction


  • Prone to dust

Whereas, Adidas never fails to amaze us. This low-budget product is the best choice for those who are facing ankle injuries while playing basketball. It can not only provide ankle support but has perfect traction for your ease.

7. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

For the customers out there who are looking for an amazing basketball shoe that is perfect for outdoor courts, this Dame 5 by Adidas is perfect for you. These sneakers are designed in a way that has hard soles comparatively than others which makes it suitable for outer use. For instance, Guards who need to have a sole with the best traction while winged in an outdoor court.

Adidas Men's Dame 5

Instead of the traction, the shoe is incredible when it comes to appearance or looks. This preschool or grade school version is manufactured with good quality synthetic materials and is available in thirteen different and bright colors. The lace closure also gives these sneakers an aesthetic look.

Dame is on the list of best basketball shoes not only because of looks but the amazing traction, support, and comfort level. The balance featured by Dame 5 is more than amazing!


  • Best Cushioning
  • Multiple colors available
  • Perfect for outdoor use


  • Less support on dusty courts


What is the difference between basketball sneakers and normal sneakers?

Every product is best at what it was intended to be! The basketball shoes are manufactured specifically for basketball players so it focused more on the specs related to that game for example the multidirectional movements, cushioning, ankle support, etc.

What is the most I should spend on basketball shoes?

This can totally depend upon your budget and affordability. However, it is recommended to search for reviews and buying guides before choosing the product. On average, $150 is more than enough for a top-end product while $100 is covering a lot of good options.

How often should you buy new basketball shoes?

The durability and usage duration tell the time span of any basketball shoe. If you are using a shoe daily then you should go for a highly durable product.


The market is bursting with multiple products from which it is nearly impossible to find that one perfect pair that matches your needs and requirements. Thus, this review is guidance to that confusion as it drains out the top shoes from the market and discusses all the best features in those products. Out of these, our three favorites are:

Overall, these basketball shoes are perfect for your game as well as other activities because of their visuals and astonishing features.

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