10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes & Sneakers – Reviews

Athletics and players often search for the best shoes, dresses, and other accessories that aid in their game. Among all essentials, shoes are one of the most critical elements for any player; in fact, it decides how a player performs. Basketball is a fierce game, and you have to make sure you are playing while wearing the right pair of shoes. They should be comfortable, and flexible and should provide a cushion against the hard floor.

Basketball is both fun and physically tiring game, but you have to make sure your shoes offer adequate grip and protection against the hard floor. A good pair of shoes helps you focus on the game while protecting your feet and reducing the risk of any ligament damage or fracture in your foot. There are many factors that one needs to keep in focus before investing in basketball shoes.

Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews & Buying Guide

You will find a wide variety of shoes in the market, but the question is which one to buy. Here is the list of best outdoor basketball shoes that will improve your gaming experience while protecting your foot. We have searched far and wide to provide you top ranking products; these have the exclusive feature you must be looking for. This article will help you select top-notch products.

Here we have jotted down 10 of the best basketball shoes with all the necessary information to guide you on the right path:

1. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

These outdoor shoes have the entire required feature. These are soft, comfortable, and are made up of breathable fabric. These are made-up of advance feature Zoom Air LEAP which is exclusive to Nike. This feature is categorically made to increase the flexibility and support to the foot while playing outdoor. These are light in weight, making the game more comfortable as you do not have to bear the extra burden.

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

These are designed esthetically with a sleek and pointed look. This shape makes it more practical while playing, and it also looks good as a whole. These shoes have a high frame indented to protect the ankle from injury and reduce ankle twist which ranks it high in the list of some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The Soldier has a roped shape grip in the sole acting as an anti-slip feature; the sole has the bank provide grip while taking sharp cuts while playing.

Nike never amazes us by providing unique features; this time, they offer lace fewer shoes. The Velcro strap makes it easy to wear and gives more grips to the foot. These are available in three different colors. These come with pores at both sides, which reduces sweaty feet, preventing slips and reducing the risk of an athlete’s foot infection. The synthetic material is durable and long-lasting; these are a one-time investment as they are made up of the highest quality materials. Nike offers a unique offer to its customers, refundable, and even free repairing to support customers.


  • Smart features
  • Breathable fabric
  • Light in weight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Padded sole and sides for extra comfort


  • Pricey

The Soldier is the best shoes in the market, they are a little pricey, but you will not regret paying for it. The best thing about Soldier is its sleek shape, which is rare in the market, as it provides speed and reduces friction. These shoes are designed according to the aerodynamic principles. Nike has marked its name due to its durable and practical products, which nailed it this time.

2. Nike Men’s Lebron 17

These Nike shoes are one of the most famous because they were designed with Lebron’s favorite sportsman. Lebron 17 has unique features with a thick soul filled with gel and also has air pockets. This feature helps provide a push to the player and extra support while he jumps. Indeed these shoes are best for a fast pace player. These are good at absorbing shock and hits, thus preventing the feet. The air pockets and heel are evident and visible, making the shoe look attractive and unique, provided with a tongue that makes them easy to put on and take off.

Nike Men’s Lebron 17

It is light in weight, flexible, and fits the shape of afoot. Lightweight basketball shoes add extra comfort for the player and make the game easy to play. These come with padded back, which supports the heel, back of feet, and sides reducing the risk of twist and fracture. These are designed to push the feet as they have bouncing balls in it. Nike shoes are complete from the base and pointed from the front, making it ideal for a player’s foot.

Nike’s Lebron 17 has laces to ties them, making it perfect for securing one’s foot. Yes, it is a little laborious, but function well. One of the exclusive features of Nike is a lace-up closure, which makes it easy and comfortable. It also consists of a Zoom Air feature exclusive to the Nike brand; this makes the shoe comfortable and makes it more bouncy and perfect. The basketball shoes come with an extended rubber sole, which helps control the slips and enhance breaks while playing.

You will also observe plastic clips in the shoes which fit the foot while playing. Most basketball shoes are not designed to keep a player’s comfort in context, but this is not Nike’s case. They have the best features, which are users friendly.


  • Large heel with air pockets
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Heel securing feature
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabric
  • Padding


  • Bright colors are not available

Nike Lebron 17 has synthetic fabric and heel, which lasts longer and does not fade or rot with time. These are waterproof and heat resistant to some extent.

3. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

After Nike, the second bet brand is Under Armour; these shoes are designed aesthetically and as per the players’ demand. Basketball players need perfect fitting and designing of shoes to avoid serious injuries or fractures. Under Armour keep this concern in focus and design the shoes, which makes the gaming experience even more exciting. These shoes have an extraordinary rubber soul, with patterns to enhance grip on the slippery basketball court. Sole is synthetic and lasts longer. It so not tear off or shed due to running or vigorous use.

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

The inside sole is soft with padding. Shoes have pores that make it breathable and reduce sweat in the foot. These shoes have a broad heel narrow center with a pointed tip; this shape is appropriately designed as it increases the game’s quality, keeping the foot comfortable. The broad heel provides support and push; the narrow center gives support to the foot arc while the pointed tip cuts the air and helps run fast without any friction.

The shoe’s outer material is a synthetic material, but only the upper part is made of leather. This leather keeps the foot in place and offers an excellent grip. As it is 100% synthetic so you can use and store it anywhere, it comes with an advanced EVA midsole feature, which makes it light in weight and perfectly fit on foot. The shoes should always support the player, and under Armour is good at it. They are famous for their excellent bouncing ability.

These have laces that provide fitting according to players’ wishes, with a traditional tongue helps wear the shoes easily; the tongue Is also perforated, making it absorb and release air keeping the foot dry.


  • Durable and long-lasting shoe
  • They are aesthetically designed
  • Leather hood
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Light in weight


  • Hard tip.

Under Armour are designed under professionals to satisfy their player customers. These have all the desired features that a player would wish for.

4. Nike Zoom KD 12

This is another remarkable model of Nike. As Nike is leading the sports shoe market, you will find Nike Zoom KD 12, another phenomenal pair of shoes. This shoe has the entire feature, which will boost your gaming experience. It has a padded and air-cushioned footpad; this provides extra support and pushes to the players. The air pocket absorbs the shock and reduces the chances of a heel injury. As every shoe is unique, in the same way, this one has Nike Air tongue. This is present to support your foot from the top and provide it soft and breathable support.

Nike Zoom KD 12

Two ways, lace and directly, can put on zoom KD. It is provided with lace to make it fit according to the user’s feet. Light in weight and flexible shoes makes the game much better and support the foot. The fabric is synthetic, breathable, and easy to use. These are uni gender sneakers, ecstatically designed, and look great in court and outside too.


  • Padded shoes
  • Air pockets
  • Light in weight
  • Durable and long-lasting fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Better options are available

Its sole is of rubber, which makes it more flexible and comfortable for fast players. Large and broader heel helps give extra grip. A variety of colors is available for both men and women. These are one of the best shoes for basketball games; they always prove worth it on the court.

5. Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 III

One of the best sneakers and liked by the basketball players. It is different in features from the one mentioned earlier in this article. It contains a carbon fiber shank, which is a unique feature of under Armour curry 3ZERO III; it helps make shoe light in weight making shoe stable. It has enhanced stability with constant features, and is perfect to wear for a more extended period. Its sole is of rubber, which does not heat up or twist while playing. Unique traction can be seen on the sole, which provides extra grip and a stable walk while jumping, running, or merely walking.

Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 III

One of the most important reasons these shoes are famous is that Stephen Curry won with these shoes. 3 Zero III has breathable fabric, with large pores at the shoe’s sides, to reduce sweating in feet and offer a good grip while playing. Waterproof materials, dustproof, and also resistant to heat to some extent. The material used in its manufacturing is of top quality, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Professionals stitch armor’s, so there is no tear or stitch break, which makes shoe unpleasant.

It has a low cut at the ankle, making it easy to wear and giving a free movement to the ankle, thus improving jumps. The heel is cushioned and broad for extra support and grip, narrow tip grips the foot at its place.


  • Flexible with a unique design
  • Heat and waterproof
  • Easy to wear
  • Unisex hoes
  • It is fully padded with an air pocket


  • Size Issues can be faced with online orders
  • Extra fitting from the tip

It’s available in a variety of colors for you to order from. Aerodynamically designed with good grip shoes is all you need. These shoes fit perfectly on one’s foot because of high quality fabric.

6. Nike KD Trey 5 VII

Rough-looking strong grip basketball shoes. These give a firm grip to the feet and ankle. Chances of ankle twist or sprain are rare in the case of KD Trey 5. These are an impressive piece of Nike that is unique and easy to use. It has a thick and robust rubber sole with patterns under the sole, making it perfect for the slippery basketball floor. The way is adequately designed and contain air pockets at the heels and thumb area. This pocket acts as a shock absorber and protects the foot from any injury.

Nike KD Trey 5 VII

This shoe is an entirely padded form inside, making it one of the best cushioned basketball shoes. The fabric is synthetic with a little leather on the top. Whole fabric and leather is perforated, which offers air crossing, reduces sweat production, and offers the slip-free game.

It contains laces for better fitting and an additional strap on the top, keeping the foot in place, thus reducing twists and injury. The tongue comes with an extra loop to make easy and quick putting on the shoe. All the features are designed to provide comfort to the player to focus on his game.


  • Lightweight
  • Mesh fabric
  • Additional strap for holding feet
  • Rubber sole
  • Easy to wear
  • Bouncy feel
  • Stylish design


  • Pricey
  • Not for ladies

It comes in a variety of attractive colors. All its features are top-notch with extraordinary finishing. Yes, it is expensive, but these shoes are worth paying for. You will get the best basketball shoes only when you focus on your own foot requirements. Every foot needs a different fitting. These shoes are in huge variety and fittings among which you can select the best one.

7. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas is another remarkable brand, as you know. Its basketball shoes are perfect for because of their thick, flexible sole. It has gel and air pockets, which make jumping more bouncy and high. This sole is not found in any basketball shoes; its design is unique with high-quality material. You can observe different patches in these shoes; every patch is meant to comfort and support the foot. It is designed according to the foot shape.

The fabric of Adidas is soft, smooth, and breathable. All the perforations are of different sizes at different points; this is appropriately designed according to their sweat areas. The leather patch at both sides of shoes is to offer grip in case of foot twist; it will stop the foot and won’t drag. The fabric is dust-proof and waterproof. Laces are provided which help adjust the shoes according to your comfort.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to put on
  • Breathable fabric
  • Soft padded inner side
  • Designed peroration
  • Sleek design


  • Delicate

These shoes are available in a vast verity of colors with unique designs. These contain soft pods and a smooth, comfortable tongue, which makes it easy to wear.

8. Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback

If you are searching for basketball shoes you can wear for a longer duration, then Adidas Men’s are best for you. They have high-quality synthetic fabric that is breathable, preventing sweating; allowing air to cross; thus, you can comfortably wear it all day. Chances of any skin issue or injury are low with these phenomenal shoes. It has a padded mid-sole, which makes it flexible and adjustable with the foot.

Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback

Other than its features, its design beautifully looks stylish in and out of the court. Some of the best female basketball players have been seen wearing this pair which proves that it’s perfect for both men and women’s use. Perfect for both as it has a narrow tip, which keeps the foot in place either for males or females. It has a padded collar that supports the ankle and reduces the risk of an ankle injury.

Its soul has rugged traction making it best on the slippery floor; you can run fast even on the rough surface without slipping. These are designed to offer comfort while players play.


  • Light in weight
  • Padded collar
  • Well designed
  • Smooth finishing
  • Water and dustproof


  • The heel is not broad

These are available in a variety of colors; you can get large sizes quickly in Adidas. High-quality fabric is used with durable and long-lasting stitching.

9. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

While you play, these shoes support you, as they are light in weight and made up of breathable fabric. Its fabric is perforated completely to provide air passage, which reduces sweet and, thus, rare chances. These are designed to support the natural shape of your feet. It moves with the contours of your feet without disturbing your game speed. It should is soft, flexible, and robust. It will never break and has a lifetime guarantee. It is stitched under professional supervision.

It comes with a webbed lacing style helping grip the foot in place. It comes with Die-cut EVA lining to provide cushioning at the bottom, enhancing foot stability and balance. Compress mesh energy web makes it perfect for vigorous training and game. You will observe a rubber pattern at the tip; this is provided to provide grip at the ankle while running or through the ball in the basket.


  • Unique features
  • Mesh/perforated fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Good airflow
  • Padded interior


  • Require more improvement
  • The insole needs upgrading

You can buy a wide variety of colors and designs. They are perfectly designed for both males and females. It’s shape, contour, and lightweight all make it attractive to a player. The insole is soft, bouncy, and supports the player while playing. Keeping the foot in place, this innovative shoe structure is all dedicated to a player’s foot—attractive and stylish design.

10. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide

Last but not least, it is another masterpiece of Adidas; these shoes have lightweight. Sole is made up of rubber, which makes it flexible and light in matter. You will never face an ankle twist while wearing Ownthegame. These shoes are designed elegantly and compactly to not only ensure a good game performance but also show what a good-looking pair of basketball shoes look like. The features it offers built confidence in its users as keeps the player free of tension, while he can focus on the game.

Perforated synthetic fabric is perfect for preventing sweaty feet, otherwise an excellent issue for the players. Fabric does not catch dust or water, keeping it fresh and new even after years of use. These are durable and long-lasting products. These keep the foot cool and dry.


  • Compact and stylish shoes
  • Dual-zone traction
  • Tear and damage resistance
  • High quality perforated fabric
  • Thick flexible rubber sole
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Simple design
  • Air pockets are absent

Stylish design long-lasting shoes. It has a dual-zone traction pattern, which keeps the movement smooth even on rough terrain. These have wide heels and narrow tip. It’s soft and designed precisely according to foot; you will not see any lift in the shoes. Laces are provided to adjust the grip according to players’ wishes and activity.

Tips for Buying Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes:

When you plan to buy the best basketball shoes outdoors, you will have to brainstorm a lot as there are many essential factors you have to keep in mind. You will find a massive variety of shoes in the market; this might confuse you. But here we have provided you authentic information that will keep you o the right track.

The necessary information you should have is flexible and robust enough to sustain the vigorous movement while playing the game. By keeping this basic instruction in your mind, you can get the best shoes for your upcoming tournament.

//Tips for finding the best basketball shoes or outdoor:

Here are some that you should keep in the limelight while searching for basketball shoes. Whenever you plan to buy any outdoor shoes, they should be comfortable and offer your feet protection. Here we will discuss the critical feature that will improve your basketball game, and these features will also help you decide which shoes are perfect for your feet and body. Every individual has a unique gaming style, so according to that, everyone demands different shoes. Here is a feature that needs your attention:

The durability of shoes

The first and most important feature is how durable your shoes are? As basketball is a challenging, vigorous game, shoes should be durable enough to withstand high-paced activity. Both types of material are essential, the material used in the top and for the soul. As both sole and frame face the vigorous exercise, so should be able to withstand.

If you want to know which material is durable for shoes, it is a rubber. It has tensile strength and does not fade or break; rubber can withstand shock and bounce back in any hit. So the best sole is rubber sole.

Durability should be your first concern when searching for basketball shoes; the fabric should be firmly stitched and perforated synthetic. This prevents tearing or breakage after a game or when used for a more extended period. Yes, durability is essential, but you can’t say it is everything you see in a shoe. You have to consider other factors as well.

Comfort with basketball shoes

For a player, shoes should be comfortable; otherwise, they are of no use. If they hurt his feet or disturb him during the game, it might distract the player, thus reducing his game efficiency. A basketball game can last for hours, and you have to wear shoes for a longer duration of time to be comfortable. You can consider several factors while searching for comfortable shoes, but the most important is cushioning in shoes.

All the top brands mentioned above make sure their shoes are padded form the inside; ultimately, it provides comfort to the player and improves his game. The boots are not padded alone, but the cushioning also has perforation, which reduces sweat production during the game.

Along with padding, if air sacs are also provided, it will add extra comfort and add bounce to the foot. So all these features are a must whenever you plan to buy a shoe.

Traction of the sole

After observing all the above features, you must religiously focus on the traction of the sole. It should have an excellent pattern to provide you grip on the basketball court floor and even outside. Finding the pattern for your shoes is the best way to decide either it will work for you or not. You will find various designs, rope style, webbed, and air pockets.

The pattern on the sole will be multi-directional, which will enhance stability while playing or walking. These tractions help you get a grip on the floor while you jump which is why we observe this pattern in many of the high-quality basketball shoes for jumping. Similarly, it helps you with some good footwork before you make your shoot during the game. It prevents falling and getting injured. The pattern on the shoe is significant to keep in focus as it will decide the fate of your game; if you feel comfortable trying new techniques keeping in mind you are stable, then you can play better. Your game can be at stake if your mind is preoccupied with protecting you from falling on the floor. This traction is the prime and most important feature to consider, along with a shoe’s durability and comfort.

Fitting of basketball shoe

Fitting and size is another most important feature. You should always buy a shoe that fits your foot perfectly and is of your size. If you miss or ignore this factor, you cannot enjoy a good game, even with its best shoes. Basketball is indeed active support in which you have to run, jump, leap, and break. All these activities mean your shoe should be perfect in quality and size.

If you buy shoes that do not fit you, you might end up in a disaster. Your foot might get injured due to ankle twist or may not move at all, and you suffer from ligament damage. The shoe should be perfectly fit, its tip should allow your toes to rest free, and the middle and heel should be properly working. If this is not how you feel while wearing a shoe, this is not the right size.


All of the shoes do not come with laces, but those who do have laces should have the ability to fit your feet in the shoes. Laces should be soft and perforated to avoid pressure on your feet while you are playing. Webbed lace is the best basketball shoe pattern as they provide full support to the foot while playing the game.

In the end, we hope you like the article and will end up buying our recommended products. Do let us know which one you like the most.

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