10 Best Basketball Shoes in 2022 – (Reviews and Guide)

Ladies and gentlemen, does it ever cross your mind how hard it is for the athletes to make so much without winning? Do they have superpowers, or are they supernatural? There is always something backing you up. In case of athletes it is their gear and thus for a basketball player, the best basketball sneakers matter the most in 2022.

No matter how much of a pro you are at your games, it can still be tough when you have so much variety to choose the best basketball shoes from. Sometimes it is not easy to get your hands on what you want. You might enjoy the same pair you got the last time or get a new and better one, or even get something completely different from what you have always bought, for a change of course.

Top 10 Basketball Shoes & Boots

In the current era, there is a tough competition between the brands, and there is a full diversity in every product. There can be several items of the same name as well. It can be a little hard to grab your match.

A dedicated athlete knows about the diversity while selecting your real footwear. Your luck can take you to the perfect pair of shoes in no time, but if not, sometimes it can be a roller-coaster ride to get to one for real.

Best Basketball Shoes

A newbie might face more significant hurdles than the one who has been buying these shoes for a long time. Getting a new pair of basketball shoes in 2022 can be frustrating until there is no one to guide you. You do not have to worry since we are here to make a pathway for you to them.

1. Nike KD 13 – Most Popular Basketball Shoe of 2022

Nike has been one of the most famous brands amongst the third-party competitions. This brand has proved itself from time to time and the Nike basketball shoes are no exception in this case. They have always taken care of their customers and their priorities. All Nike users swear by their products, and they are their loyal customers for a lifelong span.

Nike KD 13

The buyers have confirmed that Nike KD 13 is exceptionally soft and comfortable in usage. It has a cushion-bed sole, which is possessed by a shoe desired by many. The foam in the shoe is extraordinarily unusual. The shoe has foam on its sides too. The shoe has a great grip. It suits the ground as well as the court.

It leads you to significant friction by its traction and has flawless support. The item is not only reliable indoors but outdoors as well. The consumers speak of the shoe being better than the Nike KD 12. It is an upgrade to it and way better than the shoe. They have introduced the shoe from any flaws.

The shoe has won many hearts and has been approved by positive reviews. The user’s report that the shoe gets your desired job done. The cloth of the shoe is praised. The overall performance of the shoe is good.

It has a solid outsole, and it gives out its best. It is light-weighted, and the material used is a bit thin. The upper portion is directly stitched with a Nike Air Zoom bag, which means having a puffy pillow for your foot that follows up to the shape of your foot and gives an incredibly smooth feeling from the heel to your toe.


  • Excellent grip outdoors and indoors
  • Very comfortable


  • The material could be used better

The shoe should be considered because of its solid grip and soft sole. It is a complete package for an athlete.

2. Air Jordan 34 – Best Basketball Shoes To Play

“The Air Jordan signature game shoes have become the most influential line of performance footwear in basketball history,” says Gentry Humphrey. Air Jordan began as being under Nike, but with time, it made its name. It is now known as AJ.

It has 34 kinds in its shoes, 34th is the exclusive one for the day. It is their latest show, also known as the XXXIV, as in 34 in roman. The brand has been applauded from the time it began to this day. Someone who gets used to Jordan’s hardly makes a way out. It has always delivered its signature shoes well.

Air Jordan 34

These shoes have a great truss and support for the feet. The traction it owns can let you take any turns. It has an outstanding grip because of the pattern beneath it. It too has a foam bed on the heel, and this makes the basketball shoes springy enough to lift even the heavier athletes.

It is a heavy-duty and reliable product. It can take a lot despite being so light in its weight; for example, a size 9 weighs only 13.1 ounces. The outside of the footwear is even lighter. It is easier to run with.

Each of the colors has different marks and makes it unique itself. It comes in two colors, which are ‘Bred’ and ‘Blue Void.’ It has smooth features and makes it easier for jumping or running by having a comfortable midsole. It is fashionable enough to be worn at your school, either. The shoe gives out its full, but it is said that the shoe’s material is not breathable.


  • Broken twill weave gives a great grip
  • Plush sensation by the sole


  • Unbreathable cloth
  • Expensive

This shoe should be considered for its extra soft and cushion able sole and for being modern by giving a retro look.

3. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 – Best for Running

Have you ever heard of sports shoes and not known of Adidas in the run? That is so not happening. Adidas strikes in every smithereens of sports and even more than that. It has been used for decades and has been one of the most famous brands. They produce a ton of items, and one of them is a pair of basketball shoes. Majorly all the buyers are impressed by this purchase.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

The Adidas D.O.N Issue number 1 has one of the best soles. It has excellent truss and can be easily used for quick cuts in the run. It has a propulsion clip on the side, which gives you the best grip for different moves.

It is flexible enough to let you run in any direction with comfort. It has a foamed sole, which offers a plush sensation. It is a very responsible shoe. The details of the textile of the outsole have spiderweb-like material, which makes it breathable. It has a lace closure. They have synthetic soles and are very light weighted for your ease. They have a low shaft from low to the top from the arch.

It bounces and allows your freedom with flexibility. It has a multi-directional herringbone pattern on the rubber for friction. It means having an irregular way weaved for the support and grip, helps you from falling off.

The grip is solid. It comes in three exclusive colors which are, “Cloud White, Core Black, and Gold Metallic.” The features give off their complete performance. They provide you stability, and it is paranoid for your safety. Oh, and did I mention that they are one hell of a strong pair of shoes? They actually are. They fit right for the movements and work sturdy.


  • Affordable price
  • Fashionable
  • Materials are premium
  • Gives a good feel


  • Some report of slipping sometimes
  • The foot can feel tight

This product should be considered for its extra stability and superb performance on the court and being viable for the ground, too.

4. New Balance OMN1S – Unique Version of 2022

The New Balance OMN1S is the first basketball kicks that get lots of approvals, even from the shoe critics. The shoe is a wonder itself. The shoes are amazingly built. They have the best traction for your support.

The pattern on the shoe gives an outstanding grip. It helps you ease stopping on clean and squeaky courts, but it has been heard that the rubber sole picks a lot of dirt if you play on unclean courts. Its midfoot band delivers a secure and snug fit.

New Balance OMN1S

The sole has a cushioning foam; it is the best thing about a shoe. It provides you a plush feel and gives you a comfortable ride. It has a Fit Weave upper and 3D Ultra Heel. It keeps you at peace and in a lane.

The foam bed makes you feel comfortable. The materials on the top are premium and high quality. They last for a long time, even if you play on the mere ground. The top-class players have highly recommended it. It performs well. It has been said of being a fantastic shoe. It is built amazingly built It slices through the dust.

There has been a vast number of positive reviews on this shoe. It has been remarkably resistant. It is very durable and reliable. These basketball shoes work perfectly for outdoors as well. It is a long-lasting shoe. It is said to be the best shoes of all time. It is firm and is the brand’s running shoe. It fits right on your feet; it is very stable and useful. It gives its best. It is neither tight nor loose. It is a breathable shoe. It has a full-length sole.


  • Durable
  • Premium material
  • Breathable shoe
  • Reliable
  • Responsive


  • Cushioning can feel low

This shoe has to be considered for its extra gold quality. It is durable shoe and very reliable. It is an innovative technology that cares for your comfort.

5. Nike Kyrie 6 – Low-weight Sneakers

This mesmerizing black shoe colors this way to reminds Kyrie not to walk away from his spiritual pathway. These shoes for him areas to conquer for reaching enlightenment. They are symbol shoes for him. It has a back story of the words “Eleven Eleven.” The connection to this made him do it. The shoe comes in black color, as it is its signature. It is a very decent matte black.

Nike Kyrie 6

The shoe has Zoom Air turbo features, which means having a cushioning on the sole. It feels like foam and makes you at ease. It takes care of your comfort. It has a stable grip and support. It has slight friction for your traction.

The shoe can be multidirectional for your herringbone grip. It is said to have a 360 dimension for your movements. It is famous for its pattern for traction. It is a sturdy and reliable shoe. It may require going half a size. The collars hug your ankles; they are foamed as well.

It has genuine leather around it, and the material used is high quality. The shoe is said to be not too soft and not too hard. It has been reported that the shoes feel very fast and quick. The shoe fits perfectly and stands out, but some have said that it’s a bit heavier than other shoes.


  • Foam bed
  • Traction
  • Fit
  • Stable


  • Bulky

This show should be considered for its famous grip, which can cut through your movements.

6. Nike LeBron 17 – Top Basketball Sneaker for 2022

The Nike Lebron 17 are LeBron James’ signature shoes. These shoes are famous for their name and run worldwide. James challenged Nike designer Jason Petrie and his team to build a product that “creates force without fear, so here it is.

The shoe comes in black and white, black, and black gold. It is stylish and goes with many outfits as well. The shoe is challenging and gives out its best. Nike basketball has its branches vastly dug in with the celebs, and it always turns out to be charisma. The user’s report of loving the shoe and giving it positive reviews as well. It is said to be looking cool.

Nike LeBron 17

The shoe is comfortable for its sole. It has a foam bed, and the shoe has an excellent grip. The traction is unmatchable on the court. It never disappoints you. It has good support. The shoe is quite simple, not much of a science.

The shoe gives you stability on the ground and balances you at the right time. It has a low-top crafted design. The shoe is light weighted but responsible. It gives you incredible mobility through the cuts you take. It can be worn on the streets or at the court too.

These adequate shoes have excellent containment. The sole has a vast heel Max Air helps for your movements. The shoe is for fearless playing, and it is breathable. The shoe is also called Air Unrivaled, and it is incredibly built. The users suggest getting a size bigger in these shoes while purchasing because it can be short.


  • Great cuts
  • Decent shoe
  • Great grip


  • It is said they can be small in size

The shoe should be considered for being lightly weighted and giving you its full support.

7. Puma Clyde Hardwood – Best for Jumping in Basketball

This outstanding Puma Clyde Hardwood gives you many options on the ground. It is an excellent show for basketball games, and all the buyers suggest it as well. The reviews are in favor of the shoe, and it is considered as an excellent shoe for athletes.

The shoe gives you full coverage no matter how the court is, rough or smooth; it never lets you down. The shoe comes in 3 colors, which are Puma White/Pink Glow, White/Power Green, and White/Puma Black.

Puma Clyde Hardwood

These sneakers have a great rubber outsole, which gives you excellent grip and support. The shoes are knitted by mesh to be breathable for you. The shoe is not so loose or tight. These low-top basketball shoes look breathtakingly amazing and perform well too.

The best materials have been used in this shoe. The shoe has a superior lockdown and truss. It gives a cool look from the 70s. The shoe has a ProFoam cushioning on its sole. It makes you feel comfortable and gives you protection. These sneakers are effortless to run in. The owner’s talk of it being very cozy and snug.

The shoe feels light and warm. It keeps your foot stable and has a lace closure. It has a thin tongue and collar structure that offers a form-fitting feel. It is true to its size, and it gives a high ground sensation. It has a synthetic leather, and its shaft goes approximately low-top from the arch.


  • Responsive shoe
  • Great reviews
  • Support
  • Cozy


  • The cushioning is mainstream
  • Can get you a pinky toe

The shoe should be shed light on for being light-weighted and being true to its size. It has extraneous details.

8. Converse All Star BB – Best to Hoop In

The next one worth mentioning is the converse All-star BB shoes, which are one of the best 2020 basketball shoes. These shoes are with Chuck Taylor All-star. The users like the shoe and they appreciate it. It comes in Papyrus/Club Gold/Khaki, Pure Platinum/Bold Mandarin, Black/Mason/Dolphin, and Black/Bold Mandarin/Wolf Grey. It is a stylish shoe, and the buyers are in favor of it.

Converse All Star BB

The shoe feels very soft, and it has foam in its sole, has Cushlon, and OrthoLite footbed. It gives you protection as warm as a quilt. It is restless and responsive. The shoe has been made of light-weighted stuff. The shoe has an upper, breathable mesh material. It is durable and reliable. These sneakers are very supportive. It is true to its size and fits rights. The grip has satisfied all users. The sole is a semi-translucent outsole.

This winner’s shoe is a great choice and styled well for an athlete. It has a lace closure and gives you an ultra-light high-top for easy movements. It allows you to make moves, including the cuts. It provides you with mobility worth it. It is a responsible shoe, built right for the foot. It is constructed well. The prints on it reflect Star Chevron while standing out.


  • Stylish
  • Responsive
  • Cozy
  • Light-weighted


  • Picks dust rapidly
  • Some say it is not as soft as said to be

This shoe should be considered for having a breathable mesh and translucent sole.

9. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 – Best for Men

The valued Under Armour Men’s Havoc 2 Basketball kicks this is a shoe to look out for. It doesn’t only have a fantastic aesthetic look with astonishing patterns but also is light on the foot with an excellent grip and traction it gets due to the rubber sole pattern, so this not only makes it a noticeable option for basketball shoes but rather be used in gyms and for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

This pair of sneakers gives you immense confidence. It has a molded textile for the upper portion. It is made of mesh, and it is breathable. The lacing is webbed, and it can help you fit your size, as well as increase web flow. The boot has a secure lining and the traditional tongue built for more effortless to be worn. They are said to have a “Zero gravity feel.” They maintain your stability and enhance your energy for the game.

The shoe has a mid-foot wrap for your security. The rubber sole has herringbone friction for the pattern; it lets you have a grip and control over the court. The shoe is comfortable and has foam in the sole for your ease. It has a steal price for being cheaper than any other shoes. The show is a miracle itself.


  • Ease
  • Great Grip
  • Rubber sole


  • Can be too tight

The shoe should be considered for its extra grip and price.

10. Adidas N3XT L3V3L – Best for Women

Last but not least, Adidas has never left any race, and here it comes again. The shoe is extraordinarily pretty and gives a classy look.

The shoe has a knit synthetic sole, and its shaft is measured to be from the arch to mid-top. The shoes have no laces, and they are made for a locked-down feel. They are B-ball shoes. They are true to their size and are a regular fit. The surrounding feels like socks and makes you comfortable. The upper wraps of the foot are fitted right.

Adidas N3XT L3V3L

They give you extra support and enhance your ability to move with freedom on the ground. The cushioning gives you a plush sensation. It is soft and makes you at ease. The shoe is very warm and plays its role well.

The zonal herringbone rubber sole is great and gives you grip through its friction for the truss and tractions. The shoe turns out to be outstanding, just like the other shoes of Adidas. Thid renowned brand is also responsive with customers and counts their needs. It is an innovative shoe with midsole tech. It is called a Light strike, too, for making lateral moves.


  • Soft sole
  • Comfortable
  • Variety of colors


  • Colors can be not decent for some

The show should be considered for giving out its best variety of features as well as colors.

Guide to Get Yourself 2022’s Best Basketball Shoes

It does not matter if you are a fast player or standard, to consider several vital roles while getting a pair of basketball shoes is a must. A little research can change your mind and guide you to the right shoes for your match. There are some significant roles to be reviewed before buying a shoe; it can reduce the risk of injuries and any aches. It merely makes your life easier.

Shoe size

Shoe size

It is imperative to know the right size of your shoe. If you are not sure of your size, you should confirm it. The right size plays well for you. You will be aware of many variations if you do not shed light on the shoe size.



The game is all about mobility, and if you want your game to be fine, it should be fast and in your control. The grip requires traction and support while your quick cuts through the game. For this, you need to get the right foot sole, which is effective on the grounds. The sole should not let you slip and keep your moves in pace.

Foam sole

Ever thought of playing with a stiff sole? A big NO. Basketball is a challenging game, and you need a cushioned midsole. Jumping around with a sturdy sole can give you a hard time for sure. The shocks can cause injuries and doom your career. The shoes should always have a foamed sole, which provides you with a plush sensation and a foam bed for your foot; of course, players deserve comfort as well.

The warm and soft always win. It is why comfort should be your priority.

Strong sole

It does not have to be a hassle to find a sturdy sole. You need to have the ability to deal with the hard courts. It is essential to check your shoes before purchasing if they can shield you or not.


The shoe should be built fairly and stylishly attractive. There can be a choice of attractive ones, but you have to go for an all in one.

Goodwill of a Brand

A reputable brand is always considered, and it has a guarantee as well. The brands like Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, Jordan, and Adidas are top rated.


The more prominent brands are price, and some people may not recommend such expensive shoes. It depends on the person. All the brands have costly, as well as cheaper basketball shoes. They have varieties in these too. You just must make sure the pair is durable enough and has good quality.


These can be sturdy, but they give you extra energy and speed. They make movements easier with traction to the court. It does not allow any ankle support.

Mid Tops

The mid-tops are suitable for the athletes who love speed and do not care for any physical jumps. The shoe lets you rise below the ankle, and it gives you ankle support. The landing is more straightforward with it. You can be faster and quicker with this feature.


The high tops are for athletes with great power. These allow you to cut through movements and give you a greater level of ankle support. They provide you stability and strength.


The material used for basketball sneakers is mostly leather, and it keeps the foot in place. They are reliable for a long time. The leather can be at a demerit for being in weight. The material is very light weighted, sturdy, and durable for the foot. It creates stability. The shoes are mostly in synthetic material. Some use rubber for grip, which is great too.


The closure keeps the foot in balance. The closure can be made of any laces, straps, zippers, and Velcro.


The shoes must have a level in their cushioning and have maximum comfort for reducing your stress on your knees and feet. The truss and support are great for speedy cuts and any crossovers through the court or ground. It can save you from not leading to any injuries or aches. It is essential to match your needs rather than wasting money on something that does not suit you. Here are our top three picks for you.

  • Nike KD 13: An amazon choice product, amazingly responsible and smooth.
  • Air Jordan 34: An amazon choice product which fits right, gives you support and the proper grip.
  • Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1: An amazon choice product which gives you extra stability on the court.

A good pair of basketball kicks can be the right fit for the game, but it should also fit your personal needs. We hope this review finds you well, and you find your match. Good luck!

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