6 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes & Sneakers -Reviews

When it comes to reducing the risk of ankle injuries while playing basketball, low tops are more important than what you might think. The research shows that people who used to wear high top sneakers while playing basketball get more injured than the people wearing the best low top basketball shoes. However, many different minds have stuck to the thought that low top shoes are not the right choice for a basketball player.

Top 6 Low Top Basketball Shoes Of 2022

If you are trusting science and technology rather than beliefs, then you are in the right place. Here, you will find out the best low top shoes on sneaker’s marketplace. These products must have the whole lot you are finding in a solid on a basketball player. The following products are long-lasting, softening, durable, providing you the ankle support and foot comfort.

Basketball players not only need an injury-free shoe but also free movement. When you put your foot in a low top basketball shoe you feel maneuverable. These snickers provide quick and easy turns and great speed. The ankle of your shoe is not covered which gives your foot greater flexibility and movement. This makes it easier, comfortable, and gooey for jump, quick turns, and other stuff.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Low top basketball shoes are lighter-weighted than high tops. It’s another reason why these shoes are extra comfortable. Therefore, we have enlisted the top 6 Basketball shoes with low top:

1. Anta KT 4 Low – Best Low Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Anta KT 4 Low is an appreciated and modified model of Anta KT 4. This product is a combination of grip, cushioning, and traction. Materials are interwoven in a way that it gives a strong and rigid look, and provides much space for ventilation. Anta provides this item by replacing its older version, by making it extraordinary. Moreover, mini pinches (tweaks) were made in it to give this shoe a rounded look.

Anta KT 4 Low

Anta exceeded themselves from Klay Thompson’s version of signature sneakers. The top material of this shoe is premium soft and is somewhat similar to battle knit by Lebron 15. However, Anta KT4 low provides more support and locks your foot.

The phenomenon of traction on clean or even slippery courts is very well and makes it enough even when courts get filthier. The cushioning is very phenomenal but slightly syrupy. Overall, this shoe has a great performance with ultra- materials and of course, its funky design makes it a good-looking basketball shoe.


  • Best traction that provides stickiness
  • Extra durable
  • Extra cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Quality provider
  • Prettiest look


  • Cushioning feels too soft for some people
  • Limited sizing options


Did it provide comfort?

For any shoes comfort is most important factor to be considered, this item also providevery good comfort and fit very easily.

Which sizes are available?

There are many sizes available of this item ranging from 3.5 to 18 (US size), it almost cover every size.

2. Nike Kyrie Low 2 – Best Nike Low Top Basketball Shoes

The ability of Kyrie’s to create a quick and comfortable shoe which gives it an unbeatable style. The snickers are extra cushioning, outsole with a curved look, and traction. This feature is ideal for gamers who play on a daily average because it helps them for easy defense. Furthermore, collar pads are added for providing a good comfort level. It has a special cage system that packs your midfoot with a perfect lacing system.

Nike Kyrie Low 2

Textiles used for the top layer works well, making them super soft and stretchable. When you are wearing this shoe it makes you feel snug, warm, and secure. Sometimes, you think that textile sneakers are less durable but these shoes are going to end all such thoughts. They will secure your foot in a way that leaves no marks of wearing.

An air unit is present for ventilation and energy exchange. The outsole of these sneakers is a curved shape that provides its best traction configuring players a good grip in court. Overall, it is the best sneakers with apparently no weaknesses.


  • Best traction for grip
  • Comfortable and cushioning snickers
  • Curved outsole
  • Good ventilation system


  • Tight from front
  • Firm cushioning


  • Did it provide cushioning?

Cushioning is great in the court and supports you. The cushioning is the most important thing to your feet while playing sports. The cushioning system of Kyrie Low 2 is money.

  • Which sizes are available?

Many different sizes are available in these sneakers ranging from 3.5 to 18 (US Size). This size range is well enough to cover the majority of people.

3. Adidas Pro Bounce Low – Best Low Top Shoes for Big Feet

Adidas’ pro bounce low is a lightweight shoe with good comfort in the court. These low top basketball shoes have low cuts, padded collar, and flexible elevated mid-sole. This look provides it with great comfort, grip, and stability. The outsole has flexible grooves which provide ease to your foot along with their natural movements. Collectively, this shoe is a gem of regular fit and cushioning.

Adidas Pro Bounce Low

The product is very adaptive and responsive. It has a synthetic mesh and a barrier for adjacent stability to your foot. The upper layer of the textile is shaped perfectly. It has the padded collar that protects your ankle with any cause of injury. The midsole of the sneaker provides great cushioning and comfort all day long. The outsole is of rubber and having grooves that provide structural flexes.

This shoe is a regular fit having lace closure that will secure your foot. This makes the player feel comfortable and secure in court. This shoe is worn by NBA players during sports. Collectively, Pro bounce is lightweight, and features a padded collar and cushioning at the midsole. It is comparatively affordable than Adidas’ signature shoes. It is a practical option for hardcourt players.


  • Lace closure
  • Padded collar
  • Midsole grooves


  • Expensive
  • Imported
  • Tight for bigger toes


  • What are the dimensions of this product?

The product weighs 2.08 pounds with a dimension of 1286 inches.

  • What are the colors of this product?

This shoe has very decent colors that you can wear to your workplace daily. It is available in core black color, cloud white, and grey four.

4. Air Jordan CP3.12 – Best Low Top Shoes 2022 with Grip

Air Jordan was designed to meet the standards of Chris Paul. This product has everything that a good basketball player needs. It allows instant speed up and speed down during assets. The upper layer of the shoe is light weighted and has a good breathing system via mini pores.

The cushioning system provides rigidity, support, and responsiveness to the player during a match. The shoe has a rubber outsole through herringbone sequence which provides traction, multi-directionally. The pattern of traction covers the midsole which increases the grip for a quick run and stops.

Air Jordan CP3.12

The color of the upper layer changes depending upon the angle. It gives pull on and off to your foot. The outsole delivers a multi-directional pattern of traction as it has a rubber texture. This pattern exceeded from midsole towards the forefoot. The insole is comparatively thick and luxurious, which makes it look lavish. The outsole is very strong and makes it comfortable to wear on concrete on outdoor floors.


  • Traction to midsole
  • Light-weighted and ventilation system
  • Easy cuts and stops
  • Cheaper


  • Wiping is needed for complete traction
  • Little narrow in the forefoot


  • Does it provide support to feet while running?

Jordan CP 3.12 is considered as a very good enactment shoe. It supports your feet very well and provides you good traction on outside and courts. Moreover, it is made up of good quality materials which brand it as a comfortable piece.

5. Puma Clyde Hardwood – Best Low Top Shoes with Cushioning

Puma Clyde Hardwood is the best among Puma’s latest performance shoes having a cool and classic look. Luxurious materials have been used in the making and what makes it best is the exceptional traction. It has enough space for the toe in its design which makes it a good pick for players with wide feet making the chance of being uncomfortable very less. The cushion used in the making is called PRO FOAM which is the latest by PUMA. Clyde Hardwood is light in weight and is very fast in the court.

Puma Clyde Hardwood

It can be said that Puma Clyde Hardwood is a perfect combination of beautiful design and extraordinary performance. Pro Foam is a promoting term for PUMA’s EVA. Much like Micro G, Phylon, or 3D Ultra-lite (for those needing to take it back two or thirty years), Pro Foam is a standard froth that offers a responsive ride that is low to the ground.

This is incredible for those needing a position of safety arrangement without a lot of soft pad on the ground. The soft pad can now and again lead to a slight deferral in a player’s timing as they feel they’re sinking into the stage as opposed to being pushed by it. Everything relies upon what you need and need out of your footwear. This design will never leave any marks or pain in your foot.


  • Luxury Leather material
  • Best traction
  • Easy wiping
  • Decent cushioning
  • Basic colors with white


  • Little heavier
  • Standard foam cushioning


  • Are they affordable?

I recommend it as it gives you premium quality which is a lot more at $120.

6. Under Armour Curry 7 – Best Low Top Shoes for Wide Feet

The under armour curry 7 provides you the best traction similarly to most of the under armour sneakers. It works well in courts. It also follows a herringbone pattern which is one of the most demanding patterns of traction. It worked well. The most eye-catching part is that the sole of this shoe didn’t need to be wiped daily. No matter how long you are playing on any setup, it will provide you grip on that floor.

Under Armour Curry 7

This shoe is perfect for everyone looking for the best traction. Its multidirectional inclusion is ideal for any player, any style of play, and any move/footwork you can toss at them. The elastic is soft on the SIDE so outside players will notice some granulating and softness. Fortunately, there is a great deal of elastic and numerous layers of different patterns. While wearing out rapidly, at any rate, there is some extra pattern going around.

However, the combination of the HOVR cushion system and Micro-G is the point to which the audience may disagree. It provides security and protection for those who are looking for a firm item to wear in court. The support feature is according to a standard rather than high, but it doesn’t affect its performance.

Everything in this shoe is really good starting from appearance to traction and sole. It makes your foot feel relaxed, and move in every possible direction. Having traction like that is much more reliable and never a worse thing to have in your collection.


  • Cushioning inside
  • Minimum wiping
  • Supportive
  • Best traction


  • Little expensive
  • Plastic material


  • Is outdoor use recommended?

It has a rubber sole that works well outside. But the rubber has grooves which are only recommended for solid outdoors.


The choice of footwear varies along with popularity depending upon their priorities. In certain conditions, the low top sneakers have proved that they provide the best ankle support and so they protect your foot from injuries. This could benefit most of the players during a series of matches, as their game is a lot more dependent on their footwear.

Moreover, high tops provide you with low muscle support than low tops. There is no single evidence that proves that the height of the shoe collar decreases foot safety. But, the science shows that low top basketball shoes ensure protection and support to your ankles.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the best low top basketball shoes over the high top, to make yourself comfortable and shielded during the game. Because the stability can increase your confidence level and hence your winning ratio.

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