Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2021 | High/Low Top & Ankle Support

Are you caught in the continuous struggle of finding the right basketball shoe for your performance? Finding the perfect pair of sports shoes for your daily practice and matches can be a tiring job if the chaos of day-to-day games already burdens you.

Here, brands came in with the desired help by providing you the dream collection of the best Nike basketball shoes in 2021 distinct packages according to your merits and calculations.

Among these is the most prominent Nike, famous enough for its signature as well as an average collection over time that can be categorized as the best shoes where the highlight of 2019 was Nike’s best basketball shoes.

Innovation and experimentation can be the names substituted by Nike as it explores different potentials among the markets and has designed one of the most creative and comfortable shoes for the players as a dire need is present through the years.

Best Nike Basketball Shoes 2021

Nike, known for its Japanese imported shoes, has now grown into a giant competition for other great companies in the arena of shoes and sneakers. This American based company has increased over the years in terms of quality and potential with its signature collection of Kobe, LeBron, and many more and standard collection with its highlighted budget collection with superior quality.

Best Nike Basketball Shoes 2021

Searching the whole collection, evaluating each shoe, and comparing it with one another can be exhausting as well as time-consuming. For this purpose, here is the collection of the best Nike basketball shoes in 2021. Complete assistance to the collection, its merits, and demerits, evaluation of benefit and cost analysis is done based on the research.

1. Nike PG 3 – Best Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes in 2021

Standing in the list of best Nike basketball shoes, PG 3 has qualitative attributes that aid in its selling and plays its part in the player’s comfort. On the bottom, it contains small circles replaced by the traditional herringbone that provides excellent traction on clean courts as well as a little dusty field that is the major reason for its indoor and outdoor usage. A little slip in is observed on dusty surfaces that are seldom and do not account for any bigger problem.

 Nike PG 3 Basketball Shoes
  • Excellent Traction
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Outdoor and indoor usage
  • Average price
  • Durability
  • Brilliant support and stability
  • Better containment
  • Can be slipped on an outdoor or dusty floor
  • Little expanded break-in time

Having a comfortable cushioning can add to the potentials of PG 3 as it provides stability with comfortable cushioning. Phylon foam, perfect for cushioning, is used in the shoe that aids in the excellent foaming experience of the shoe.

Moreover, the overall synthetic material used in the shoe is semi-flexible seems tight in the first used. Hence, the break-in time is a little expanded that is the primary reason for its brilliant containment and extraordinary fitness that provides no space for any unnecessary movement. Because of its rigidness in fitness and containment, PG 3 is popular among the players.

Support and stability can also be the bold feature of this shoe as it provides a stiff midsole because of the plastic used in the bottom of the shoe at mid-foot that provides a better movement and stability that adapt over time. There is no major or minor problem associated with the stability and support as the heel to toe rigidness and high, low pattern assist in its support system.

If you are searching for the daily and rigorous basketball shoes that can be durable and qualitative in many fields, Nike PG 3 is the best option because of its evaluation and less cost analysis that provides better benefits at an average price.

2. Nike Kobe Ad Nxt 360 – Best Nike Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Nike Kobe Ad Nxt 360 is one of the best Nike basketball shoes in 2021 because of its super-soft cushioning in the middle and slightly less soft cushioning on the outer pattern. As a result, it creates a pattern of smoothness and can be proved as a likable design by the players. With its sticky texture on the insole of the Nxt 360 it aids the player in felling the foot-bed of Nike Nxt 360.

 Nike Kobe Ad Nxt 360 Mens Basketball Trainers Aq1087 Sneakers Shoes
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • 360 spacing
  • Better support and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Brilliant fitness
  • Breathable
  • Better containment
  • Average traction
  • Price more than usual
  • Only used on clean floors or indoors

Flyknit, popular for smoothness and superior quality, provides better support to the shoe and breathability that can be the high point of the shoe as it provides a 360 space for all types of feet. It is the primary reason for excellent fitness in the shoe as no unnecessary space is designed within the shoe that creates a barrier for the expanded moves within the shoe.

Having better traction ability, this shoe is designed for the clean courts as the shoe can pick up any dust. However, the overall toe to heel pattern and the mid-foot of the shoe creates the pattern of traction. A little slip on and sliding movements are present in case of traction, that is why these shoes are better on clean surfaces.

This Nike Ad Nxt 360 can be your choice on the desired evaluation if you are looking for a quality product and can pay a handsome amount. The product can provide you with the best attributes ensuring the quality potential and the overall character of the shoe.

3. Nike Men’s Kyrie 4 – Best Nike High Top Basketball Shoes

Having a lightweight design, Nike Men’s Kyrie 4 provides a fluffy and extremely soft cushion that is replaced by the phylon in its predecessor that had a firm character. This softness leaves after usage and provides a better response-ability to the player. Apart from its spot on design, the response system is brilliant because of the heel cushioning of Kyrie 4.

 Nike Men's Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoe
  • Soft and comfortable cushioning
  • Better traction on clean floors
  • Excellent support and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Better fitness
  • Better containment
  • Average traction on the dusty surface
  • Slip-on in case of outdoor use

This shoe provides decent traction after breaking of 1 to 2 weeks that is aided by the mid-foot ‘wee’ pattern on the bottom of the shoe that helps in traction. However, little slip ins are experienced by the players if used on the dusty floors as dust can be easily picked up by the Kyrie 4 as it is perfect for indoor usage.

The split midfoot pattern provides a true connection of the shoe to the field in case of any movement that is also aided by its perfect fitness. Moreover, the curved out-sole can help in the perfect support and stability as the mid shoe provides a whole flexible range for distinct movements.

If the desired evaluation has a base of concern on indoor use with perfect traction and comfort, Nike Men’s Kyrie is the one for you as it is the best character of the following attributes. However, the overall evaluation must lie by keeping the demerits and evaluation of benefits. This Kyrie 4 can prove to be potential and qualitative if the use and design are making relation with each other.

4. NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 – Best Low Top Nike Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for the high ride and average stiff cushioning, Nike LeBron 16 can be the perfect product as it provides the best response experience with its medium cushioning after some time. Having the perfect equilibrium between the protection and better response system, these shoes are extremely lightweight that serves the primary objective of a high ride in this scenario.

 NIKE Men's Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes
  • Excellent traction
  • Used on dusty floors
  • Better containment
  • Better stability
  • Improved cushioning
  • Flexible
  • Average support
  • High riding

The fine balance between the blades and the rubber on the bottom lays a foundation of better and excellent traction with a smooth rubber and the thick blades. The traction is brilliant after a break-in that does not require any expanded time for the better experience of the forefoot and acquires occasional touch-ups on the dusty floors but not a problem to use on the dusty floors.

Having its fly knit application, the fitness of the shoe is remarkable, flexible, but less stretchable, that is because of the midfoot structure of the shoe. It can be overcome by bending the shoe in most cases. Another promising feature is the stability because of the gradual flow of the slope that provides better stability in many cases with average support to the shoe.

Nike men LeBron 16 can provide qualitative if you are considering riding high with a better traction experience. It is is the perfect shoe for the dusty as well as clean floors impaired with a better response and stability. The price range is average with the potential product ensuring the benefits and quality of the shoe.

5. Nike Men’s PG 2.5 – Best Nike Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

The cushioning used in the Nike PG 2.5, Phylon midsole, contributes to the breathability and bounciness impaired with the zoom air unit that is often present in the Nike series. Having lightweight and comfortable cushioning, the materials used in the shoe is neoprene that aids the support and durability of the shoe.

 Nike Men's PG 2.5 Basketball Shoes
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Better containment
  • Durable
  • Excellent traction
  • Better support and stability
  • Neoprene affects the movement
  • Can pick up dust
  • Nothing innovative as compared to PG 2

Although the neoprene assists the shoe instability, it affects the movement and does not allow extended movements. However, the traction is a quality feature of the shoe and can be used indoors and outdoors with a quick cleaning of the floor. The herringbone is the rubber that facilitates the traction experience.

The fitness is excellent with not feeling extremely rigid yet controlling the extended flexible movements in the shoe that assist in support of the shoe. Overall, the support and stability of the shoe are brilliant because of the combination of suede and neoprene used in the shoe.

If you are looking for an ordinary yet performance potential basketball shoe in the market, Nike PG 2.5 is the best way to go as there are no risks involved. It gives a perfect traction experience with comfortable cushioning and better stability and support. It can prove favorable in terms of performance potential.

6. Nike Zoom KD 12 – Best Nike Zoom Basketball Shoes 2021

Having an average weight, Zoom KD 12 is popular for its breathable character that is possible with its comfortable cushioning. The cushioning is popular because of its breathing factor and comfortable feeling impaired with the zoom air unit from heel to toe that provides it the primary aim of breathable and soft cushioning. Moreover, although not extremely superior, the material used in this shoe is durable and qualitative which must be the main concern of the player.

 Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent Traction
  • Average price
  • Better stability and support
  • Durability
  • Better containment
  • Narrow fitness

Having rigid fitness, this shoe is perfect for traction wherever you play either inside or on dusty floors. It contains a semi-transparent rubber on the bottom of the shoe that gives a feeling of motion to the player and, in return, adapts to any field (dusty or clean). So, it is favorable indoors as well as outdoors, but a little clean up is necessary if you are using it quite often.

The stability and support of Zoom KD 12 are better as it provides a narrow midfoot that restricts any unnecessary movement and extended flexibility of any kind. Hence, there is no space for any extra movement due to its rigid fitness and the narrow fitted pattern inside the shoe. However, some people have not liked this feature while there is no big problem for those who are consistent in playing with protection and support.

If you are accepting of the narrow feeling inside the shoe and want qualitative yet potential attributes in the shoe, this Nike shoe is the best choice for you. It provides excellent traction with a breathable cushioning that provides a sense of protection. The only nuance issue in this shoe lies with fitness that is a problem for few. However, under your desired attributes and budget allocation, this shoe is best for daily outdoor fields as well as clean courts.

7. Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG – Best Nike Low Cut Basketball Shoes

This shoe, with its air unit, is equipped with average cushioning that is the link between breathability and bouncy feeling. However, although not equipped with excellent bounciness, a large heel is the prominent feature of this LeBron Soldier XIII that provides the extra height and support to the player’s foot. However, for larger players, the cushioning is a little problematic and needs to push a little exaggerated, but it is observed in rare cases.

 Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG
  • Better cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Brilliant containment
  • Outdoor as well as indoor usage
  • Better fitness
  • Solid support and stability
  • Excellent performance potential
  • Problem with bounce
  • The average durability of the material

This shoe is bold for its brilliant traction because of the effortless hard rubber in the herringbone. This hard rubber provides a pleasant experience for the traction as it is favorable in outdoor fields. There is no issue of dust as this herringbone prevents exaggerated picking of the dust. Therefore, the shoe is better for indoors as well as on dusty floors where the material used in the shoe is not premium but having average durability and high quality.

In this case, support and fitness are interlinked and are directly proportional to each other. The fitness is excellent, where having no laces adds to its feature of narrow fitting and covers most of it. However, if the shoe doesn’t provide you an extraordinary fit, the support can be a little average for you. Otherwise, the support and stability of the shoe is no problem as long as you are comfortable with fitness.

Having perfect traction, solid performance experience, better support and stability, and the net balanced cushioning are the prominent features of the shoe that adds to the personality of this Soldier XIII that is why it is considered in Nike best basketball shoes 2019. Moreover, the performance potential on the playing field undoes the trivial problems related to the material and its durability. It is well suited for you if you are searching for the potential shoe in terms of its performance on the field.

8. NIKE Men’s KD Trey 5 VI – Best Nike Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

The Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 is the perfect choice for comfortable cushioning because of its bouncy and comfortable feeling. The cushioning is traditional and is extremely soft that can cause a problem for the movements and stability of the shoe. However, while playing on the field, in the court, the cushioning gives enough bounce to feel the push, particularly on the heels and stay near the ground.

 NIKE Men's KD Trey 5 VI Basketball Shoe Black/University Red/White Size 11 M US
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Outdoors and indoors usage
  • Does not pick dust
  • Average fitness
  • Lack of support and stability
  • Inexpensive materials

The traction of the shoe is extraordinary, keeping in mind the rubber does not carry dust at all. The prevention of dust picking makes it favorable for the indoor courts and outdoor fields. The semi-transparent rubber used in the shoe makes it durable and qualitative that assists in a better experience.

However, the soft cushioning is a problem for support and containment as the materials used in the shoe are extremely inexpensive. Although the support and stability are lacking because of the less containment of material, the fitness of the shoe is not a big problem for everyone. Still, the dead space is present that can enhance the extended movements.

Nike Trey 5 is the ultimate choice for traction as it provides the experience of consistent playing without the concern of cleaning the court impaired with the soft and comfortable cushioning. Problems of support and stability are there but can be overcome with the performance potential of the shoe.

9. Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct

Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct is equipped with an insole cushioning that is distinct from the traditional cushioning without undermining the quality experience. This insole is equipped with the walls outside the insole, creating the boundary for the insole that provides it the firm and thick character and make it easy for the support. However, it is different from traditional cushioning and can be a new experience for many players.

 Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoes
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Better support and stability
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent containment
  • Average midfoot support
  • Insole cushioning can be a problem for some

The comfortable rubber and micro thread at the herringbone highlights the prominent feature that is its excellent traction on the dusty as well as clean floors. Having the perfect size of the micropattern outlined with the traditional rubber works perfectly fine on the fields that is the major reason it is well-suited for indoors as well as outdoors, and wiping the field is no problem with full concentration on the game.

The shoe provides true fitness as no unnecessary space is left in the shoe that prevents the useless and exaggerated movements impaired with a certain amount of flexibility. Here, the support came in that is linked with fitness and creates a stable experience for the player.

Hence, the excellent support and stability impaired with the containment because of the positioning of woven material and tightness of the design. But a trivial problem of midfoot support is observed, but it does not influence the overall performance of the shoe.

This shoe can provide the best experience on the field that is the major reason it is considered in the Nike Best Basketball shoes 2021 impaired with the qualitative attributes that made it popular among the players. Also, because of the price point and average durability, Mamba Instinct is often used in daily practices outdoors and indoors.

10. Nike Kyrie VI

Having the zoom Turbo on the forefoot and heel while thinner phylon on the midfoot proved an excellent combination for the cushioning experience for its comfortable and bouncy feeling among the players. Without compromising the fitness and support of the shoe, the comfortable and soft cushioning is the highlight because of the innovative zoom turbo used in the shoe.

 Nike Kyrie Vi Mens Basketball Shoes Bq4630-500
  • Excellent traction
  • Brilliant cushioning
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • Better containment
  • Better support and stability
  • Durable
  • Stuffed fitness
  • Allow less movement

The material setup of the shoe provides a superior experience for the fitness as it is tight but not suffocating that aids the player inflexible and stretched movements but not overextended as it is in the case of other tight fitted shoes. The textile used in the shoe is rigid and provides a stiff feeling while moving with the foot, but this feature helps the shoe with its support and stability.

The plain sole impaired with the curved edges assists the player with the support and stability mechanism that is also possible because of the rigid fitness of the shoe.

Where no extraordinary, innovative material is present in the shoe, still, the design for the stability, the support, and stable experience of the shoe is the prominent performance goal for many players. With its durability, it is extraordinary on indoor courts and outdoor fields with a little effort of wiping the surface.

This shoe can prove a performance potential if used the right way with its qualitative features of traction, fitness, support, and stability. Used on both the grounds, this can be the durable quality that is the most desired among the players with its comfortable cushioning.


Nike has been quite a competition in the realm of shoes and innovations, starting from materials to the design to the structure of the shoe. It presents you with the best quality under distinct categories that can assist you in choosing the right and well-suited basketball shoe for yourself according to the specifications and merits in your mind.

  • Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG leads you with its extraordinary durability and performance potential.
  • Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes popular for its breathing character can lead to brilliant durability and stability.
  • NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes can take the games to fuller potential with its extravagant stability and support.

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