Best Basketball Game PS4 2022

Whether you are a die-hard basketball fan or a casual basketball watcher, there is no question that sports games are among the most played and popular games on PS4 these days. Since basketball becomes part of a digital game, it made the play livable on-screen, giving us access to control, passing, shooting, targeting, and much more.

For all the basketball fans who want to enjoy and keep control of their game without breaking a sweat, I will introduce you to the few best basketball games for PS4, in 2022 which are available on your play station. Either you are playing alone, or with a team, you will handle the large variety of NBA players and various games mode. So, Let’s begin!

Best Basketball Game PS4 2022

1. NBA 2K21

This basketball simulation video game is the production of Visual concept and published by 2K Sports is the 22nd installment in an edition of the 2K series. The game showcases advanced mechanics, graphics, player control, and the full customization of players and game modes. The game offers all the twelve WNBA teams for the second time in the series amidst the other sixty-seven classic NBA teams.

However, the gameplay is similar to the previous games of the 2K series, which offers you to play with real-life players and teams following all the NBA rules and objectives. You can create up to six teams in both modes of MyLeague and MyGM. You can effortlessly relocate or rebrand any team with the possibility of 36 team leagues. This NBA 2K21 is one of the best basketball game for PS4 for several years.

2. NBA Live 18 PS4

NBA Live is slightly changing than the 2K series games. However, you can enjoy this game with its eye-catching graphics and settings modes. The games have easy control mechanics and play modes. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence AI can give you a decent challenge. You may find similar gaming modes in Live 18 as you would in the NBA 2K series.

The game has a career mode and a franchise ownership stimulator mode. Live 18 enables the inclusion of WNBA, and it was the first game to bring the WNBA for its players. The athletes can play in any of the amazing basketball teams, including coastal groups or All-stars Lineup. NBA live is one of the best basketball games for PS4 that gives you a wide range of customization.

3. NBA 2K14

The new series of video games look better with each installment, but NBA 2k14 still stands out as one of the best basketball games for PS4 for the current generation. The game enables jaw jarring real facial features of coaches and your favourite basketball players and awe-inspiring visuals.

The sport has extraordinary gameplay mechanics along with the career mode element. The game offers multiple modes for playing, including a Park, which enables various matches outside the court. You can play half-court match-ups in 2v2 and full-court match-ups in 5v5. Moreover, if you want to work in the management position, you can play in the GM mode. It will put the players in control of the team.

4. NBA Playgrounds

Besides playing inside the basketball court, you can also have a chance to bring it in the outside world into a streetball setting with NBA Playgrounds. The game gives you arcade-themed basketball game features. It showcases two on two high flying basketball action of some aristocrats NBA superstars who are battling for street basketball supremacy.

You can play in two-person teams in both the gaming mode of exhibition tournaments and the online levels. With the consistent rises, they need to earn game packs from bronze to silver and making their way up to the gold ratings. Moreover, the gold premium packs contain advanced quality player promotion. In the multiplayer game mode, you compete with the other online players and earn bonus points for upgrades.

5. 3on3 Freestyle PS4

3on3 is the spin-off of the known freestyle street basketball franchise and allows its players to select from their preferred Baller from street basketball players’ roster. Each player exhibits his unique attributes and skills, which helps them to win these exciting action game. You can fully customize the passing, shooting, and defensive courage on the court.

The game is theme after street basketball, allowing the players to play in the streets or the park’s surroundings. The game is straightforward to play, and it doesn’t require any tutorial. It enables its players to compete with the real gamers in the region and rack up their winning records and elevate them through a ladder.

6. NBA 2K17

This 2K NBA series is the 18th installment that will give you uncompromising Artificial Intelligence. The control over the players is remarkable and offers you a wide range of settings modes. The game throws the challenging levels in your way, making your play difficult and careful yet providing the outstanding elements of strategy in the game matches.

The play exhibits two modes the regular and the legends editions. The sport offers you the two gaming modes like my career, where you control the player’s job of being an NBA superstar, MyLeague, and MyGM mode, where you manage the entire organization. The game provides you with little upgrades by performing different activities and attending promotional events, and you can use that currency on the upgrading of your player.

Final Words

Sports game titles is a difficult thing to rank. Every game has a massive fan base and attracts different audiences according to their playing style and taste. However, estimating some of the best basketball games for PS4 2022, which are available on your PlayStation, is very biased. By doing some research, I have put down the six best basketball games on PS4 for you.

As mentioned above, these games not only bring sports to its players, yet it offers real-life NBA superstars performing into it. So, you can virtually control some of your favorite basketball idols throughout their career in every game, leading them to win championships. However, if you want to share some of your best basketball games for PS4 in 2022, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. I will surely go through it.

Enjoy your Game!

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