7 Best Youth Basketball Shoes & Sneakers – (For Kids & Adults)

How would you decide on which pair of basketball shoes to get your child? Basketball among the youth is a sensation. It is a sport everyone loves to play and cheer up to. Kids start playing this sport at an early stage to attain good skills while they mature. A good article on the shoe is the key to this foundation. Kids require a stylish looking, trendy with an adequate level of comfort shoes to play the hectic yet a prosperous end game.

This article will be reviewing a few of the best youth basketball shoes, which can provide better protection to the foot, boost performance level, and have good Lockdown and stability. Picking up youth basketball shoes gets difficult with age. So here are going to be tips on how to shop smartly.

The main features to be considered in a perfect shoes are the following: Boosted cushion to enhance comfort Durability to make it last longer, traction, good grip, so that no slips occur during the game. Further more, the mesh material to provide extra breathability to the person is another important feature to look after . Keeping track of all these characteristics, along with style your child likes, you can easily pick a sneaker they will love. Without further ado, let’s go through the list, making your choice way easier and the best.

7 Best Youth Basketball Shoes

1. Adidas DON

Adidas never DON has an excellent traction, as reviewed by everyone. High praise for its herringbone pattern, along with synthetic leather and mesh for making the shoe light and airy is a plus point. The textile on the shoe has two distinguishing colors, which go along very well. Blue and red colors are merged symmetrically.

Adidas DON

The overall material provides good durability and support. The shoe requires a short break-in time. The shoe has a bulky built but added development for boosted cushioning, leading to excellent impact protection. Along with all this, it is a lightweight shoe making it easier to fit in your feet.

The shoe also has neoprene and a nylon layer, which makes the shoe resistant, increasing its durability. The midsole shape of the shoe cages the foot while any movements are made, locking the foot and keeping it safe from any injuries. The sole of the shoe is man made along with a lace-up feature. Further, it has a regular fit. Being an all-rounder, you will find these basketball shoes perfect for wearing outdoors as well which makes this article the buy.


  •  Boost cushioning
  •  Lightweight
  •  Bright eye-catching colors
  •  Multidirectional herringbone pattern on the rubber sole
  •  Outdoor shoe
  •  Secure lace closure


  •  Inconsistent traction

2. Nike Lebron 17

Lebron 17 is a  from Lebron 16 and Lebron 15, with a more cushioning boost. Absorbing all the force more efficiently form the previous designs of the shoe ,these basketball shoes are perfect for heavier players’ use. The cushioning is appreciated a lot in the reviews by the consumers. It is one of the most expensive basketball shoes present in the market currently, but the sleek, trendy, and the awe catching look might cut in some slack for modern youngsters.

Nike Lebron 17

The outer material of the shoe is Knitposite, and this is one of the best features of the shoe. It has the TPU or glue infused yarns. The closure of the shoe has normal lace-up and tie to the level of grip you want. Either when you lace it up to the level of the top or left of the eyelet for added mobility while playing.

The Lockdown and grip of the shoe is fantastic. It helps you generate quick and stabilized paced action. The standard tongue feature further makes it more comfortable and protects the foot. Overall the Lebron 17 is marvelous to experience, with good stability, medium width, added soft foam for comfort under the max air units and efficiently providing impact protection.


  • Insanely comfortable cushioning
  • Premium upper materials
  • Great traction even on dusty courts
  • Perfect impact protection


  • Steep $200 retail price
  • Heavy

3. Under Armour UA Clutch Fit Drive 3

Let us start by mentioning the comfort level of the shoe,  we would not say it is top notch but gets the work done well. The shoe doesn’t have a break-in time and can be worn in easily. It is available in a wide variety of colorways: Metallic Silver, Black/White, Black/Red, Midnight Navy, and Gamma Green.

Under Armour UA Clutch Fit Drive 3

The youth widely loves the shoes due to its breathability, durability, and comfort. It is a firm, locked in the shoe which fits very well. You could definitely class this shoe as cool. It has a unique combination of features, including the clutchFit technology, which includes a soft material for absorbing the impact at the ankle and heels of the foot.

The outsole of the shoe has a herringbone pattern, which allows boosted traction making lateral, and forward movements smooth. You would not experience any slipping or weak movements. The shoe has the best value for the money with 4.5 stars on amazon pricing at a stealing amount.

The cushioning on the shoe is very lightweight, responsive. The Achilles pillow provides additional padding to the heel. The rubber sole of the shoe is also highly durable so it can be used outdoors.


  • Enhanced Cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight
  • wide range of colors
  • foam infused heel


  • looks bigger than anticipated

4. Air Jorden 10 Retro

The shoe has synthetic material that will give you long longevity. This shoe feels like a luxury on the feet. The tongue mesh material provides the ventilation for the shoe to make it breathable. Other than that, no other mesh material has been taken into account on the shoe. The shoe has little support, but it is useful. The shoe also makes use of leather material. The midsole provides most of the support for the shoe.

Air Jorden 10 Retro

The cushion on the shoe is modified with the phylon midsole. Traction is a substantial feature of the shoe. Even in the look of it, one can assume that the shoe has good traction. It is capable of making your movements swift and easy.

The shoe doesn’t have a weird lacing system. It is easy. Works great, along with the provision of a good lock. Further, the ankle collar gives an excellent grip to the shoe and restricts excessive movements. The shoe stars at 4.4 on amazon with high price tag.


  • Good traction
  • Modified midsole
  • Easy lacing system
  • Full-Grain Leather & Mesh
  • Unique Lockdown with the help of Mesh Tongue


  • Expensive
  • Less breathable

5. Nike Air Force 1 Low

Nike offers some amazing basketball shoes and the Nike Air Force 1 Low is its all new youth-friendly shoe. It can be worn for casual wear and meetups or a game. Having all this ease makes it high on the list. It is a stylish yet sporty shoe, and really popular among the young.

Nike Air Force 1 Low

Among the crucial features of the sneaker is traction, cushioning, and finally, the grip and Lockdown it gives to a person. The sole of the shoe has tough rubber, and pivot point circles present on the heel. Giving fantastic traction on all types of courts. The player can move quickly in all directions while having this trendy shoe on the feet.

The air zoom technology provides the cushioning of the shoe. This basically is air pressurized with the tensile fibers. While using the shoe, the pressure is applied through which the fibers push back, giving a marvelous bounce and ease at the game. Most of the material used is synthetic and leather. This imparts a good grip and durability to the shoe. Though the shoe had a minimal tongue for the angle protection, which should be kept in mind.


  • Good Traction with Rubber Sole & Special Pivot Points
  • Good Cushioning because of Air Zoom Unit in Midsole
  • Leather & Synthetic Material with Minimal Breathability
  • Stylish


  •  Insufficient Breathability
  • Insufficient Padding

6. Adidas Superstar

This shoe is an icon, just as its name says so. It is a minimalistic shoe with three side strips available in a variety of colors. A stylish shoe with highly refined looks needs to be on this list to stand out. The shoe is low cut and comfortable. A lot of stars have been rocking this shoe around in their day to day life.

Adidas Superstar

Now let us talk about the features of Adidas superstar. Being a well-known brand Adidas brings some amazing basketball shoes and with its superstars, It provides enhanced traction through the rubber cupsole, which is vital for any basketball player. Apart from this, it also has a herringbone pattern, which complements the traction. Regardless of the feature, Adidas superstar can go well with any outfit and still shine out.

The shoe has boosted cushioning along with the use of TPU for compression. When pressure is applied to the sole, it absorbs it effectively and gives an appreciable bounce back. The shoe is mostly made out of leather, making it water-resistant and durable. The shoe has a standard lockdown system. Standard small tongue to cover the ankle, and is highly designed to provide breathability. Adidas Superstar has 4.7 stars on Amazon. This affordable shoe has mid range cost. For a universal appeal and more versatile uses from just being used at the basketball court, this shoe is a catch. You can not go wrong with Adidas Superstar as being one of the best youth basketball shoes.


  • Herringbone Pattern Rubber Sole
  • Adidas Boost Cushioning
  • Leather Upper
  • Standard Lockdown


  • Unbreathable Upper layer
  • Hard to put on

7. Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low

Looking at this shoe and you will just fall in love with it. It is considered one of the top basketball shoes for youngsters. Bright, vibrant colors with a chic shape are worth falling for. The sole of the shoe is diamond-shaped. Very few Nike shoes have this sole, which is made of translucent rubber. This sole provides tremendous traction.

Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low

The shoe had Nike Air zoom technology, as also mentioned above. The tensile fibers boost back the impact made from the soft foam layer. Flyknit is used in the making of the shoe, with few threads of TPU. Providing both ventilation to the sneaker and durability. The shoe has 4.2 stars on Amazon and is one of the low-cost shoes on this list of best youth basketball shoes. The shoe comprises of the traditional lacing system and traditional Lockdown. A wide range of colors are also available, which are black horse, hone, oreo, red horse, and the purple horse. etc


  •  Diamond Pattern Rubber Sole
  • Air Zoom Cushioning technology
  • FlyKnit and TPU Fibers Material is used
  • Standard Lockdown
  • Wide range of colors


  • Material not much Breathable
  • Translucent Soles have Substandard Traction


Keeping in mind all the information mentioned above. The best basketball shoe should always contain the following, which should be at the back of your mind while making your pick.

  •  Rubber sole with herringbone pattern to provide excellent traction.
  • Boosted cushioning to make the game effortless and makes the movements in all directions easy.
  • The shoe that provides good Lockdown and stability.
  •  A durable shoe is essential. Making the right choice is vital for an avid basketball player.
  • Strong ankle support, with high comfort levels. So that the player does not tire up quickly.

Making the right choice is vital for an avid basketball player. Having the best youth shoes will make your child excel at the game. The right choice always protects them from injuries and strains. I know this isn’t an easy choice, but this guide will make it a walk in the park for you as we’ve stated all the necessities which should be considered.

The ultimate goal is to raise up an all-rounder basketball player who is smart at the game. For this to be achieved, a good pair of shoes takes you a very long way ahead in our game leagues. For that exact reason, you are bound to find a shoe that you, your parents, and your child will love.

Good Luck.

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