10 Best Basketball Socks -Review

Are you excited for that next big basketball match coming up? We sure hope you’re ready but wait. We’re guessing you already found your perfect pair of shoes but did you find your perfect pair of socks yet? Whether you know it or not, the perfect pair of socks can make a huge difference when it comes to your performance in any kind of sport!

The importance of choosing the most suitable pair of socks for yourself cannot be emphasized enough. All Professional basketball players understand this and have a specific pair they choose for every game they think best suits their comfort and gaming style.

Basketball is a game that puts a lot of pressure on your feet. You’re not only running for long periods on a hard floor but also making regular jumps that can cause extra strain on your ankles. Similarly, the exertion will cause you to become sweaty in your feet, causing discomfort during the game.

Keeping in mind all the problems mentioned above and more, you have to pay attention to certain aspects like material used, thickness, extra padding, fitting, etc. while buying your socks for a basketball game next time. For your convenience, here we have listed 10 of the best basketball socks that you can choose from according to what suits you best, along with their pros and cons.

10 Best Basketball Socks

1. Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew

Nike is one of the top-rated brands when it comes to buying sportswear. Already leading the game with the Nike basketball shoes it is no surprise that the Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew makes it to the top of our list for the best basketball socks. It comes in several sizes to satisfy different customers having different preferences.

These socks are made up of a mixture of fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, making the overall material of these socks very comfortable. Not only do they provide convenience when wearing them for a game, but it is also very comfortable for daily use at home.

Mainly, the features that make these socks perfect for a basketball game are the special paddings provided in the foot’s specific points. The compression in the middle part of the socks helps give a good fit to the foot. Multiple layers of extra cushioning are provided at the sensitive areas of the toe and ankle etc. Similarly, the heel of the sock is padded to help endure any extra force applied.

These socks are overall sweat resistant. Therefore you do not have to worry about the bad odor coming from your feet. The discomfort due to sweaty feet can also be avoided by using these socks, making them perfect for long periods of gaming sessions. These socks are also easy to clean as they can be put into the washing machine without worrying about them getting spoiled.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Extra support at sensitive points of the foot
  • Sweatproof
  • Machine washable


  • Some users may not like socks’ length.

These pairs of socks are perfect for long periods of basketball practice, as well as for daily use. The extra padding in the foot’s sensitive points can provide extra safety. The machine-washable feature makes it easy to clean without any hassle.

2. Nike Men Elite Versatility

The Nike Men Elite Versatility socks are the runners up for best basketball socks. These socks are designed specifically for basketball, focusing on all the main requirements that one has with regards to socks when playing the sport.

A combination of different fabrics is used in the making of these stocks. These socks’ material is very durable, making them one of the best choices for everyday use without worrying about wearing them out or ruining them by too much use.

These socks have been designed so that they prevent the feet from getting too hot and allow ventilation to let the skin breathe. The Dri-Fit technology in these socks prevents the accumulation of sweat. Hence the player can avoid discomfort from moisture or any odors that might arise due to the sweat.

To prevent any injuries or mishaps, these socks provide extra cushioning for the foot’s more sensitive areas. This helps the player focus on the game without having to worry about hurting themselves. The 360 degrees ankle support protects from any strain or pressure on the ankle.


  • Provides Better grip
  • 360-degree ankle support
  • Dri fit technology prevents sweaty feet
  • Comfortable and durable material


  • Fit may be tighter for some people.

These socks provide maximum protection to the player’s foot when playing an exerting game like basketball. It also helps prevent the foot from getting sweaty or uncomfortable. The ridged texture of these socks helps provide better grip and stability as well.

3. Muryobao Men’s Basketball Training Socks

Although basically designed for basketball gaming, the Muryobao Men’s Basketball Training Socks are suited for all kinds of sports like football, cricket, tennis, etc. These socks are made up of a combination of fabrics. 75% of this fabric is combed cotton that makes these socks super relaxing to wear for gaming purposes and regular use.

These socks have Coolmax fabric that allows air to pass through them, preventing too much sweat in the feet. Prevention of sweat can be very favorable to players as it helps them avoid discomfort and play more confidently. These socks are easy to wash, and high-quality material makes it a long-lasting product.

In terms of fitting, these socks are carefully shaped to provide maximum comfort. The heel cups help support the back of the foot. The compressed base of the sock help prevents the foot from too much pressure exerted on the base. Similarly, extra cushioning around different sock parts make sure to protect the foot from any injuries.

The Dri fabric used in making these socks focuses on keeping the foot safe from developing any kind of bacteria or fungus. These can cause skin or nail diseases if not given proper attention. Therefore these socks provide safety to foot in every possible way.


  • Fri fabric prevents bacterial issues
  • Extra cushioning protect from injuries
  • Sweatproof material
  • Durable design


  • Size may not be suitable for all users.

These socks are perfect for protecting the feet of basketball players in every way. The sweat-proof material and Fri fabric prevent any bacterial condition of the foot. At the same time, combed cotton material provides extra comfort. The compressed sole design of these socks prevents pain during or after any game.

4. TCK Sports Elite Performance Digital Camo Crew Socks

These socks are the literal all-rounder socks making them one of the top choices when it comes to the best ones for playing basketball. They come in several classy designs and colors, giving you that fashionable look, whether you are wearing them for your basketball game practice or regular use throughout the day.

These socks are made using different fabrics that ensure comfort and convenience for the user. The sole of these socks is compressed to provide a good fit to the base of the foot. Extra cushioning around the foot’s sensitive areas prevents any injuries during the game and any strain or soreness afterward.

It comes with sweatproof technology that keeps the accumulation of sweat away and removes any bad odors caused by it. This keeps the foot clean, dry and reduces the chances of bacterial or fungal infections of the foot and nails. Clean feet keep the player more comfortable and confident while playing.

Made specifically for sports like basketball, it is focused on preventing any blisters due to regular game practice. The double welted top of these socks reduces friction, making it easier for the player to move around quickly and without putting too much pressure on their feet. It also helps in better blood circulation.


  • Good support to feet
  • Extra padding adds safety
  • Comfortable material
  • Double welted top reduces friction
  • Controls sweat and bacteria accumulation


  • Length may be short for some
  • Quality may be affected by regular washes.

These socks are highly recommended for any sports practice due to its extra support and super comfortable fit. The sweat-proof technology prevents uneasiness due to sweaty feet, and the double welted top keeps the feet cool. Hence it protects from injuries, as well as infections.

5. Champions Men’s Low Cut Socks

These socks make it to some of the best pairs of socks for basketball, mainly because of how budget-friendly they are. You can get six pairs of socks at a very affordable price. Therefore you can use them regularly for games and daily use as you don’t have to worry about owning only a single pair.

The minimalist design of these socks makes their design very attractive to the players. Different shoes nowadays come in various colors, and these monochrome back or white socks perfectly complement these bright new show colors. These fashionable yet simple socks are perfect for regular use like going to school, college, etc.

In terms of use during basketball games, it provides a perfect fit with its compressed base and high-quality material. Cushioning of the entire sock helps to provide maximum comfort to the foot. It helps prevent any blisters during the game and any pain afterward.

The moisture control technology prevents sweaty feet. The feet of the players remain dry and cool. It helps them feel confident during their game and hence perform better. This also helps keep odor and other infections away from the foot.


  • Fully padded socks
  • Anti-moisture technology
  • Comfortable fit
  • Prevents smelly feet
  • Good price


  • Regular washing may impact the quality

These socks come at a great price, making it perfect for regular use and more extended times. They help give support and comfort to the players. Similarly, it also helps prevent sweat and smell, keeping the feet clean, dry, and fresh at all times.

6. Nike Dri-FIT Elite Crew Basketball Socks

These socks have been included in the best basketball socks list because of the Dri FIT fabric used in this product’s design. This helps to prevent sweat in the feet during a game. Keeping the feet dry and cool is essential during a basketball game to remain comfortable in his footwear and perform efficiently.

No sweat accumulation can also prevent bad smelling feet. In fact, sweat accumulation can also lead to bacterial as well as fungal infections of the feet. Therefore these pair of socks prevent odor and any skin or nail diseases that could arise due to moisture retention in the foot for long periods.

These socks are manufactured using a blend of different polyesters, which are super lightweight. At the same time, they are warm and breathable and provide maximum comfort to the foot. The padding and extra cushioning around sensitive areas of these socks help prevent any injuries or strains caused by extra pressure on the foot during the game.

These socks are available in many sizes and designs. They are also durable and hence are suitable for long periods of use. Washing them frequently has not shown any kind of negative impact on the quality of these socks.


  • Durable
  • Protection from injuries
  • Maintains foot hygiene
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Comfortable fit


  • The range of sizes may not be sufficient for all.

These socks are perfect for long hours of game practice or even for regular use daily. The lightweight and breathable fabric prevent feet from getting too hot and sweaty. The comfortable fit keeps the player confident and ensures efficient performance in the game.

7. Basketball Logo Crew Socks

The BasketBall Logo Crew Socks make it to some of the top basketball socks countdowns because of the several designs and colors it has available to choose from. With a rather simple but attractive design, these socks are well capable of attracting any customer going through different brands of sportswear socks.

These socks come in a soft and comfortable material that makes them super comfortable and soft when worn, making them ideal for regular wear. The polypropylene and nylon used in its material prevent the foot from feeling tight while giving maximum support and ease of movement.

The mesh fabric used makes these socks breathable and sweat resistant. This helps keep the foot from getting smelly due to long periods of sweat accumulation and reduces the chances of getting an infection from different kinds of bacteria.

To ensure the foot’s protection, these socks come with compression at the base to prevent from applying too much pressure on the foot. Extra padding is added to the heel area to prevent any injuries as well.


  • Soft and comfy fit
  • Variety of designs
  • Good foot support
  • Sweatproof


  • Not high up to calf for some customers
  • May slip down if not an exact fit.

These socks are more preferred by customers looking for funky designs and attractive colors, and comfort and protection. These socks help prevent sweat, as well as the odor caused by it. It also helps keep the feet safe from blisters during the game and soreness that might occur afterward.

8. Nike Women’s Hyper Elite Basketball Crew Socks

As the name suggests, the Nike Women’s Hyper Elite Basketball Crew Socks make it to some of the top-rated basketball socks considering they are specially designed for the female basketball players. Since most designs out in the market are either for men or unisex, these socks provide a much better fit for women’s feet specifically.

These socks come in a specific color that is more preferred by women. The most special feature about these socks is that each sock is separately designed to specifically fit the left and right foot. Special cushioning at the specified sensitive area for each foot ensures maximum protection.

The ankle and heel part of the foot is provided safety by padding the socks around these areas. This ensures that the ankle does not twist or turn during the game, causing any injury. Similarly, the heel’s padding prevents extra pressure from being exerted on the foot due to strong contact with the hard flooring.

The Dri-Fit fabric used in the making of these socks helps prevent sweat and moisture in the foot. This helps keep the feet feeling fresh and dry that helps the player perform better. The feet tend to smell better, and there is less chance of developing infections.


  • Sweat prevention
  • Comfortable fit for each foot
  • Feminine designs
  • Protection from injuries


  • Not much variety
  • Everyone may not prefer feminine designs

Although you don’t have several options in this design of socks, being a female basketball player, if you find the design suitable for yourself, then this pair can provide you with the perfect fit for each of your foot with maximum protection from any injuries as well as any infections, etc.

9. Athletic half cushioned Crew Socks

The Athletic Cushioned Crew socks are some of the best pairs of socks for playing football. These socks are made of different fabrics like polymers and nylon that make them super comfy and soft. The stretchable material provides a convenient fit for any kind of foot shape.

These socks come with a compression design in the sock’s sole areas that protect from extra pressure applied to the foot’s arch. Similarly, other sensitive areas of the foot are also protected by soft cushioning throughout the socks’ material.

The material of these socks is sweat proof. This helps keep the feet clean and dry throughout the day, whether you wear them for a game or regular use throughout the day. Dry feet have a lesser chance of developing bacterial infections.

The price of these socks is very reasonable when compared to other socks available in the market. These socks come in a neon-colored design, which van be very attractive to young players. In fact, it may fit young basketball players better as compared to those with a more muscular built.


  • Sweat Proof material
  • Cushioning throughout the sock
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable price


  • The fabric covering the heel may wear out faster
  • The fabric around the calf may be tighter

These socks are perfect to fit young players’ foot shape as it is suited more for their size. The sweat-proof material helps keep the feet of the player comfortable throughout the game. Attractive designs are available at more affordable prices.

10. Thorlos Basketball Over Calf

Finally, The Thorlos BasketBall over calf socks makes it to the list of some of the best socks for basketball players. These socks have a long length design that covers the leg above the calves. Hence for those that are comfortable with more coverage socks, these socks are perfect for use.

The material used in these socks is super soft. They help keep the feet warm and hence can be used for regular daily use as well. The extra padding throughout these socks provides maximum comfort to players for basketball practice hours without any kind of soreness or foot aches during or after the game.

Although these socks are super thick and soft, the fabric is breathable and helps prevent any sweat accumulation leading to bad smell or bacterial infections. These are lightweight socks, making it easy for the players to move around in them.

These socks come in simple and minimalist designs. Basic white and black colors of these socks go really well with the colorful and vibrant cloured footwear we see nowadays. Coming at a reasonable price, these are a good investment for some good quality sports socks.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Breathable material
  • Long-lasting material
  • Sweat-resistant


  • Some users may find these thicker than usual.
  • All may not prefer high length.

Coming at a fair price, these socks are perfect for providing a good fit and protecting the foot with its cushioning throughout the design. Similarly, the breathable material makes it lightweight. Sweaty and smelly feet can also be prevented by using these socks during the game.


What are the best basketball socks?

The Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew are the best pair of socks for basketball for its comfortable fit and maximize safety cushioning.

Are basketball socks worth it?

Yes, investing in the right kind of basketball socks can improve your performance, provide more comfort, and prevent foot aches.

What socks do basketball players wear?

Nike Men Elite Versatility Basketball Crew Socks are the most commonly used socks by basketball players.

Wrapping Up

If you regularly play basketball, then investing in a good pair of socks specifically for your practice session or even the big game day can be essential for you. It not only helps you perform better but also helps keep your feet comfortable, fresh, and protected. Some of our top picks are:

  • Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew for its comfortable fit and durability.
  • Nike Men Elite Versatility for its maximum protection and Dri-fit technology that keeps sweat away.
  • Champions Men’s Low Cut Socks for its comfortable material and padded protection at a very reasonable price.

Hence, we see a number of different brands of socks specifically designed for basketball players. They focus on several things like designs, comfort, protection, durability, cost, etc. It is now up to you to decide which one you think is the perfect pair of socks for your feet!

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