5 Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches – Review

Basketball is a tough game that requires energy and vigorous activity. Shoes are one of the vital factors that affect the basketball game, here we have listed the best basketball shoes for high arches that will help the players overcome their fears and play with confidence. High arches are dangerous conditions as they inhibit the ability of feet to absorb shock and make it prone to injury and fractures.

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for High Support in 2022

For high arches shoes special padding is done on two prime areas i.e. the heel and the forefoot these are the points that absorb stress and prevent bone fracture or foot injury. These shoes are specially designed for providing support to plantar foot players and giving them chance to enjoy the basketball game as well.

Finding the right basketball shoes is a tough job, but we have made it easier for you by listing the best ones in the article. We have searched far and wide to bring forth the best product for our readers.

Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches

Here we have discussed the best product of the market; you can get detailed information regarding products along with honest pros and cons. This will help you make decisions easily.

1. Adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men’s Basketball

If you want high quality and top-ranking shoes then Adidas offers some of the best basketball shoes and the Adidas Dame 3 is a stand-out choice. These are famous because they are multipurpose, stylish, and easy to use. No complex straps or laces are incorporated that can make putting on and off the shoe difficult or time-consuming. It has traction to offer a better grip and so that these can be used on the rough muddy floors with the same functioning. If the basketball shoe is smooth it might affect the player’s abilities to play.

Adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men’s Basketball

The sides and tip of the shoes have a rubber grip that makes turning and stopping quick and safe while playing at a high pace. It can offer a multidirectional analysis as these have blade traction to ensure that a player can play at high speed and still have zero percent chances to get a foot injury. In terms of traction and side rubber layering, the Adidas Dame has proved to be the best.

Padding and cushion of the shoe is a vital factor that will decide at what capacity a player will be able to play. Especially for planter conditions a designated cushioning is ensure to prevent and foot injury. If you are interested to use the shoes for court only the will be equally useful as they are multifunctional shoes.


  • Flexible shoes with breathable fabric
  • Padded collar
  • Four flex zones
  • Simple in design


  • Pricey

These shoes are designed to improve the playing capacity of the player. These have designated cushioning that offers support to the most prone areas and prevents feet from an injury that can occur while playing a fast and vigorous basketball game.

2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

These are the best basketball shoes for planter conditions as they offer great stability and infinite support. These are light in weight that is a great help for a player as he does not have to deal with any burden and can play freely. It has a special herringbone pattern that gives a unique look and extra support to the shoes.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

Coming toward its fabric that is highly breathable, durable, and long-lasting. It has whose throughout the shoes to reduce the chances of perspiration and prevent any slips while playing basketball. If the court is cleaned and smooth the traction will work even better as the pattern has deep grooves and sticks to the court floor. Reduced friction is offered by these shoes.

You will find an interesting pattern of cushion in these shoes. The manufacturers have properly read the anatomy of planter feet and then designed the pattern where cushioning is required, and where it is not required. The heels and arch of the foot are the most sensitive regions where a hit can cause severe so air-filled pockets and cushion is provided at the hot spots. While the rest of the shoes has 1-inch thick padding to provide comfortable movement.


  • Easy to wear
  • Perforated fabric
  • Air pockets and padding
  • Flexible and has a perfect fitting


  • Pricey

These shoes have gained fame in the market because of their unique padding and air pockets that have made these safest shoes for high raised arches. You can not feel its weight and the fabric is top-notch that reduces the sweating in the feet.

3. Nike Air Visi Pro IV

These shoes are well designed, multi-functioning, and perform perfectly in the basketball court. You cannot buy better shoes than this for playing a winning match. Nike is a world-famous brand that Nike basketball shoes have made its name in the market by providing high quality and durability.

Nike Air Visi Pro IV

Most of the customers buy their products just because they trust the brand, and it has never disappointed its customers. It is placed in the third position in the list due to its laces, which can be problematic for a few customers. The shoes have unique traction that prevents slipping and falling especially when the player stops while running at fast speed.

It has laces arranged in web pattern to offer grip to the feet and prevents slipping. The shoes are famous for air pockets that are present in heels and offer great support and push preventing direct hit.


  • Easy to wear
  • Simple design
  • Air pockets in heels
  • Padded collar


  • Expensive

Nike is famous for its well-designed shoes with a stylish outlook. These have air pockets in heels and padded inner to offer comfort and shock absorbing ability. These prevent the player form injury.

4. Nike Kyrie 3 GS Basketball Shoes

You can find Nike in the market everywhere as they offer the best quality and are durable the customer’s major concern is to invest in a product that offers him comfort, durability, and customer care. Nike offers everything a customer wishes for. In case of any damage, one can get its shoe repair or corrected by the Nike Company. For high arches player Nike has manufactured a wide range of basketball shoes that fit in every buyer’s pocket.

Nike Kyrie 3 GS Basketball Shoes

Fine and detailed crisscross traction is new in the Nike range and you can find it only in the Kyrie range, these have the ability to offer good grip while playing. Due to the reduced friction players can run and jump easily in these basketball shoes. These shoes are feather-light; the player will not have to deal with the weight anymore.

It has soft perforated synthetic fabric that makes sure the foot of the player does not sweat and slip. Its heels are added with a thick cushion and have air pockets to offer extra bounce. These are flexible and are designed according to the foot anatomy, tight from the tip and wide form the heel.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect fit
  • Padded collar
  • Flexible
  • Perforated synthetic fabric


  • Not good for small sizes

These are one of the best shoes that one can buy. They offer padded heels, soft collar, wide heels, and a tight tip. You cannot find this blend of quality and price anywhere in the market. These are highly recommended as they offer a lot of useful features.

5. Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes

You can find a number of Nike models in the market that are winning the customer’s heart with their quality, durability, and easy to use the feature. Nike has worked hard to bring it to this stage today. You can find a wide variety of Nike shoes under the category of high arches. This is the reason their product fits in every buyer’s budget and is sold at a high rate.

Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes

This model is wisely designed with padding and cushioning throughout the inner side of the shoe and in the soul. This makes these basketball shoes perfect for heavy players’ use. The heels of the shoe have air pockets and padding that offers extra push and bounce while playing and jumping. I can list a number of players who have won matches wearing Nike brands. The fabric is of high quality and is completely perforated reducing the chance of sweating that you will not slip while playing. Its pads are of a hexagonal shape that offers were found to give better outputs.

It is better for you to try the shoes before you buy them as every shoe has its unique fitting. These have webbed laces that support the foot and keep it in place offering better games and lesser chances of fracture or ankle hurt. These are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns for both men and women. These are rugged shoes with a padded tongue that makes it easy to wear.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Air pockets
  • Padded tongue
  • Light in weight


  • Tight form the tip

Nike is one of the best brands when it comes to shoes. It upgrades its products repeatedly thus making it fit the requirement of the present time. These shoes have soft padding and air pockets in heels that you cannot find in any other brand. These are safe and a perfect choice for high arches players.


Putting in a nutshell. These shoes are best to buy in the market and have proved worthy for the basketball player with high arches.

All the products mentioned here are of high quality and are precise. Here are a few of the products that are considered perfect and are highly recommended.

This article will be helpful to you. As all the information provided is in detail and legit. Do come back and let us know how it helped you.

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