5 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards – (Shooting Guard Shoes)

Are you looking for a shoe that will upscale your game? Well, let us say we have got you there. All the players in a game are a team and have to show tremendous teamwork to enhance their game. The guard plays a crucial role that needs a combination of speed, grip, and comfort level. There are essential features that should be looked out for while making your shoe choice for a guard player. They are the following:

Cushioning – For shooting guards, it is essential to have a heavily cushioned shoe as they have more jump shots to play. These require a higher level of shock absorption to maintain a good posture and game.

Traction – is one of the most vital features required in basketball shoes. The shoe with the right amount of traction will allow a better grip at the court, allowing right directional movements.

Low or mid-cut shoes – A low or mid-cut shoe does not restrict your activities during the game and provides ankle support. This is attained by decreasing the agility and giving a more comprehensive range of motion to the player.

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for Guards in 2022

For an excellent game, a right guard needs to be on his A-game, quick as a flash, and a master at his dribbling skills, which requires high-quality shoes to sustain the game’s ups and downs. Making your shoe shopping mission trouble-free, we have managed to bring you the Best basketball shoes for guards, which are the following.

Basketball Shoes for Guards

1. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 – Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards

Adidas Harden Vol.4 comes without the herringbone pattern as that of the Vol.3 but still provides the best traction. It has a rubber outsole, with traction inspired by the tailored James Harden’s movements. The shoe has a lighter cushioning but yet is very comfortable to play with. The lighterstrike cushion technique makes the shoe very lightweight and easy on the foot for the player.

Adidas Harden Vol. 4

Adidas Harden is a very supportive, fast basketball shoe. You can use this shoe on all types of courts, might get slight dusty courts which can be cleaned easily. The shoe fits the foot perfectly, allowing zero movement inside the shoe due to its plenty of padding to grip the foot tightly.

The shoe has outstanding traction, great fitting, and tremendous stability with a wide range of vibrant colors. Adidas Harden Vol.4 shoe has a stylish and sleek design making it one of the most good-looking basketball shoes. Further, even with the lightstrike, the shoe provides plenty of bounce, making the running easy. Adidas got most of the tuff right with this shoe and, therefore, will be an excellent pick for a guard player.


  • One of the lighter Adidas shoes
  • Great all-around performance
  • Rubber outsole with generative traction
  • Lightstrike cushioning for explosive dynamic speed Stable, locked-down feel
  • Textile lining
  • Super light


  • No longer uses Boost cushioning

2. Under Armour UA SC 3Zero – Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

This shoe is great for guards and deserves its worthy place on the list. Under Armour UA give an excellent court feel, making your movements faster. It has numerous color ranges, making it eye-catching even from afar.

Under Armour UA SC 3Zero

The shoe offers top-notch traction on both clean and dirty courts which means these basketball shoes are amazing for outdoor gaming as well . The Under Armour UA Sc 3Zero has a rubber herringbone traction pattern, which further enforces stable traction the basketball player and maximum grip on the court.

The shoe is made up of synthetic leather, which gives it a supportive fit. The upper leather region has a perforated region to increase the breathability of the shoe. The shoe has enhanced micro- G cushioning, which gives the player more responsiveness and impact protection. The cushioning is also increased in the ankle region gives more heel stability and comfort.


  • Really good traction
  • Super lightweight
  • Herringbone-pattern
  • Maximum grip on the court


  • Very firm cushioning

3. Adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost – Point Guard Shoes

This shoe offers a significant bounce factor and speed in one of the most modest prices currently present in the market. The shoe provides quick speedy burst during the game, all along absorbing great impact forces.

Adidas Men's Crazylight Boost

The traction on the shoe is smooth from heel to toe to every move you make. The herringbone pattern on the shoe covers the traction, which resists all the pressure forces. The rubber sole further has dual-density, which increases its durability, and the sole would not wear out any time soon. This feature allows the guard to be as fast as the flash on the court.

The shoe has full length cushioning, which sustains all the energy during the game. Adidas, one of the best producers of basketball shoes, has introduced one of the most innovative cushioning technology, using TPU. Every step you take will be as easy as the first one. The midsole region of the shoe is slightly firmer than its predecessors, which has increased the stability of the shoe.


  • Herringbone pattern for good grip
  • TPU wrap for lateral stability
  • Exceptional traction for faster response time
  • Cushioning produces generous shock support, and a defined court feel
  • Lightweight and impact-absorbing materials to boost agility


  • Longer and narrower shoes that might not suit some foot types.
  • Shoes takes a while to break-in

The shoe utilizes textile and synthetic jacquard. Jacquard is a highly textured fabric, along with having woven patterns. This material increases the flexibility and breathability of the shoe. A further plus point is that it increases the durability of the shoe and resists any wear and tear. This shoe ranks the highest for guards to use while playing basketball.

4. Nike Lebron Soldier XI – Top for Point Guards

Nike Lebron Soldier XI

The traction provided by the shoe is direct. Your initial thought is it might not work out well, but it has better traction than its predecessor shoe Nike Lebron Soldier X. The outer sole of the shoe is made out of rubber, which adds up to the durability of the shoe. Offering a decent performance, this basketball shoe is perfect for heavily built basketball players, which is credited to its heavy cushioning.

A soft foam layer is added to provide more support on the ankle. The cushioning uses the Nike Zoom Air technology, which delivers soft landings and adequate impact protection to the foot.


  • Nike Zoom Air technology
  • Traction
  • Good stability
  • Improved fit
  • Decent Zoom feel after breaking in


  • Zoom could feel better

5. Nike Zoom KD 12 – For Point Guards

The Nike Zoom KD 12 is a light weighted, well-cushioned, flexible shoe with an excellent lockdown. The shoe gives the player exquisite balance and comfort. The cushioning on the shoe further provides a good response making the basketball shoes perfect for jumping while making sure to protects from all impact forces the player has to encounter.

Nike Zoom KD 12

The shoes use Quad Axial Flywire, also known as the Fly-wire Tech, which has given this shie a new look. The material is sided by two mesh layers, which make the shoe lightweight. The traction pattern on the shoe is circular.

This is the second-best traction pattern currently available in the market after the herringbone pattern. Traction is top-notch, covering all your needs. It can be used both in clean and dusty courts. The sole of the shoe is translucent, which enhances the traction on wood surfaces.


  • Full-length Zoom cushioning guarantees bounce and quick response time
  • Flyknit tongue and four-way
  • The midsole and lacing system drives stability in motion
  • No heel slippage and side-to-side movements on the foot
  • Rigid internal heel counter with dense inner padding for locked-in feeling Zoom Air unit flexes naturally with the feet
  • Flywire cables provide containment


  • Outsole gathers quite a bit of dust
  • Wide construction in the ankle area

A full-length Nike Air Zoom has been utilized in the shoe for cushioning. It is giving impact protection and good bounce. The midsole has a perforated, which covers the Zoom, decreasing the weight of the shoe and increasing its flexibility.


Being self-aware of your requirements is essential for a Basketball player, as each individual has special requirements. There are tons of ways to play your game, and not everyone has the same line of play. For this, it is essential to find the shoe that makes you stand out. All the shoes mentioned would not cause a single glitch in your speed and stability during the game. Further narrowing your list for the best picks as the following

1. Nike Zoom KD 12 – is a lightweight, cushioned, flexible shoe with a good lockdown. The shoe gives the player tremendous balance and support.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low – boosts your performance. The synthetic material provides the ultimate confront level. TPU wrap for lateral stability.

3. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 – Adidas Harden is a very supportive, fast basketball shoe. This is an all-rounder shoe.

A shoe in a basketball game is the basic necessity for a great game and needs to be picked with caution, which we have done for you to decrease the fatigue. Finally, make your choice at ease, as all these will surely make you the best guard on the field. It is making you the star of your team.

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