Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes For Centers – Review

Have you ever messed up your basketball match just because your shoes weren’t comfortable? Do you ever feel like you could have done better only if your shoes were comfortable? Don’t you think you would have done better than your opponents if your shoes were perfect? Every player wants to be the best in his team, especially the centers, and for that, he needs the best basketball shoes for centers.

It is absolutely tiresome to look into the wide variety of basketball shoes. The question of “which one to choose?” can be very exhausting because a lot has to be kept in mind, namely the quality of shoes, its outsole, traction, and its flexibility. Searching for the shoes which are perfect for you is tremendously tiresome.

There are many brands that have shoes with various specs and designs, and we know you are confused. But with this review, you will be able to find which product you actually need and why you need it. So let’s start with the best basketball shoes and their qualities:

Best Basketball Shoes for Centers

1. Nike LeBron 17

These shoes are one of the most popular Nike products nowadays. They show class and style. The shoes have Nike’s air max unit, which is the leading quality of these shoes, which means they have flexible urethane pouches incorporated in their midsoles. The compressed gas in their midsoles provide cushioning to your feet, and athletes who spend hours playing and running will be able to enjoy their games without any sprains or swellings.

Nike LeBron 17

The quality of these shoes is worth their price. These shoes not only have the perfect cushioning but also give a stable bounce to players trying their best to give jump shots! Players will surely be able to get their basketballs in the basket by wearing these shoes.

Zoom Air units are also adjusted in the heel of these shoes, which help absorb impact and avoid injuries by reducing stress on muscles. Moreover, they also keep fast and smooth pace of athletes.


  • Perfect cushioning
  • Provides a stables bounce
  • Comfortable
  • Modern design
  • Great quality


  • High price
  • Not very strong traction

For a baseball player who spends most of his time playing in the center, these shoes are the right choice. They can provide the much-needed cushioning for hours and protect your feet from serious injuries. Although they are expensive the quality being offered can go a long way.

2. Adidas Centers Harden Vol. 2

Adidas centers harden vol. 2 shoes are definitely the right choice for players finding the best basketball shoes centers. In contrast to Nike LeBron 17, they provide perfect traction against grounds. So if you need shoes which are not slippery, you’re in the right place! They will give your feet an excellent grip. But make sure you play on a clean ground because its rubber outsole might attract dust particles.

Adidas Centers Harden Vol. 2

Do you want your basketball sneaker to look stylish and classy? Well, who doesn’t? These shoes represent the class and style of famous baseball player James Harden, has numerous colors, and are perfectly designed. Vol 2 of these sneakers is an improved quality of vol. 1. They have a boost cushioning midsole, a characteristic of the amazing Adidas basketball shoes, and help give 20 times more energy return with every step. This allows players to run fast and comfortably due to the cushioning.

These shoes have laces that give them a sense of style, and users can adjust them according to their liking, but at the same time, they may be challenging to put on.


  • Good traction
  • Boost cushioning midsole
  • Premium design
  • Low priceHighly responsive


  • Its rubber outsole attracts dust
  • Difficult to wear due to laces

If you are looking for high-quality classy shoes at a low price, these shoes can be the best option. For players who want their shoes to have good traction and want their shoes to be adjusted in their own way should go for Adidas Centers Harden Vol. 2 as they can tie their laces accordingly.

3. Air Jordan 34

Here’s yet another very outstanding pair of best basketball shoes you can dig into. Although its design shows a lot of its qualities but let’s dig in:

The built of these shoes has an all-rounder kind of customer demand as they are being utilized for casual use but in reality they are for basketball players. They have a perfect frame, i.e. which keeps your foot in place and prevent overpronation, which means your feet will not roll inward. This is also beneficial for users who are wide footers because the frame of these shoes keeps your feet comfortable.

Air Jordan 34

The traction of these shoes is phenomenal. It has patterns that will not let you slip. These are the herringbone pattern at the bottom, which have a good grip. They have TPU material as well, which makes the shoes flexible and helps resist abrasion.

When it comes to Jordan shoes, their bounce cannot be ignored as it helps you run fast, and your feet are more responsive. Your feet will be cushioned and you will no longer worry about wearing your sports shoes for so long as they will not bruise your feet. Moreover, the rubber is also more durable.


  • Resist abrasion due to TPU material.
  • Help run faster
  • Responsive
  • Prevents over-pronation
  • Good cushioning


  • Fewer flexibles at the back
  • High price

These shoes will not stop your feet. In fact, they will make you walk faster with their boost technology. Their prices are high, but durability is even higher. So players who want to go for professional training to centers should definitely have these shoes in their bags!

4. Jordan Men’s Nike Why Not Zero.1

These shoes have a remarkable lockdown. Unlike other basketball shoes, which leave spaces and make you feel uncomfortable while playing, these shoes will keep your foot steady. Reason being that they are not your average basketball shoes as they have been designed after considering all the problems faced by basketball players. This particular quality makes it one of the best basketball shoes for centers.

Jordan Men's Nike Why Not Zero.1

While looking for the best basketball shoes, cushioning cannot be ignored. It is one of the most essential aspects for basketball players. Jordan men’s Nike why not zero. 1 made sure that these shoes have proper cushioning and a good bounce due to the zoom units present in these shoes. Moreover, the phylon material embedded in its midsole makes it more durable, and therefore it can be used for a longer period of time.

The upper part of these shoes is made of mesh and synthetic fibers, which are combined together to create a softer upper, which is fit and tight but, at the same time, more permeable. The traction, although is mild but enough to make things work.


  • Perfect lockdown of the overall shoes
  • Durable due to phylon midsole
  • Permeable and breathable
  • Good cushioning due to zoom units


  • The heel feels bulky sometimes
  • Mild traction

For players who wear basketball shoes half the time and spend their day in centers wearing their shoes really need these. They have a breathable upper, which is good for feet trapped in shoes most of the time.

5. Nike Kyrie 6

Kyrie 6 has been one of Nike’s bestsellers. But there is a solid reason for these shoes being the best sellers. Their demand increased because of their design, which has all the qualities a basketball player would look for. It has sufficient traction, cushioning, and many more. You can feel the traction of these shoes as soon as you wear them. They have a solid grip and can bring the best in you.

Nike Kyrie 6

What would you expect from shoes which have the characteristic zoom turbo embedded in it? Yes, you’re right! It has perfect cushioning. This works amazingly for heavier players that are looking for suitable basketball shoes. You’ll be able to walk better and feel better. And if you want to run fast, you definitely need these!

Have you experienced the pain of ankle sprains? Because If you’re terrified of ankle sprains while playing basketball, You will need these. The Kyrie 6 has premium leather implanted in its heel that makes your shoes soft and cozy. This makes this basketball shoe perfect for ankle support as you won’t even feel a thing around your ankle.


  • Zoom turbo cushioning
  • Premium leather prevents ankle sprain
  • A tremendous amount of traction
  • Soft and cozy


  • Too soft at the bottom
  • Not for daily use

If you are looking for soft and comfortable shoes to protect your feet from injuries, this will be the best option. Kylie 6 has a little bit of everything as they are well cushioned with the best traction.

6. Adidas Pro Bounce 2019

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019

These shoes have become famous for their herringbone traction. The pattern used enables players to run with ease without the fear of slipping out. These shoes lived up to their name i.e.; they are as bouncy as they were expected to be. It gives players a better push when they are struggling to get their ball into the hoop.

They are well cushioned and consistent due to the rubber compound rooted in their soles. They provide support to your feet and balance them. They can work for a longer time, as fraying does not occur very easily.


  • Consistent and durable
  • Do not fray easily
  • Herringbone traction
  • Bouncy


  • Slippery in dusty areas

If you want shoes specifically for basketball and you are not a consistent player but take your shoes out of the cupboard occasionally, then this is the best choice. They are durable and consistent with excellent traction.

7. Lebron Soldier 13

Lebron Soldier 13

When it comes to the best basketball shoes, Nike does the best job. It does not ignore any of the required qualities demanded by athletes. These shoes once again have perfect traction because of the herringbone patterns and an easy fit. They fit in like a glove and have a great design.

They have zoom units that provide agility and flexibility. This is one of the most innovative features in Nike shoes and helps you run faster than your contemporaries. Although these shoes have sufficient stability, they can be very compact if worn for a long time.


  • Agile and enable fast movement
  • Good lockdown
  • Flexible
  • Good traction due to herringbone patterns
  • Easy to wear as they do not have laces


  • Very compact and tight if worn for a long time
  • Fray easily


Which brand has the best basketball shoes?

Nike and Adidas have the best basketball shoes.

Which are the most comfortable basketball shoes?

The most comfortable basketball shoes are Adidas harden vol. 2.

Which are the most expensive basketball shoes?

Jordan Men’s Nike Why Not Zero.1 and Air Jordan 34 are one of the most expensive basketball shoes in the world.

What is the top-selling shoe of all time?

Air Jordan 34 and Jordan men’s why not zero of Nike are the top-selling shoes of all time.


While choosing the best basketball shoes for centers, a user has to understand his own demands. Whether he wants shoes with good traction, good cushioning, or shoes with a classy design. Although all the shoes named above are the best ones but here are some of them that I would recommend:

Nike LeBron 17:

These are super classy worn by famous athletes and have all the necessary qualities, namely cushioning and good traction.

Adidas centers harden vol. 2: These shoes have been ranked among one of the most comfortable shoes throughout the world for their high quality and responsiveness. For a player whose first priority is comfort, surely needs these.

Jordan Men’s Nike Why Not Zero.1 Basketball Shoes: these shoes have a perfect lockdown and have breathable upper, which makes them one of the best basketball shoes.

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