8 Best Basketball Conference- Review

2019-20 has been the year of best basketball conferences having the potential teams with the absolute ranking. Where the Big Ten was a hit for its excellent top scoring teams, the Big East does not disappoint for its enhanced talent and national talent recognition.

While we go for the immediate favorites, the question is, were the performances worth the recognition and rewards? Hence, the scoring trends and the ultimate fresh talents are the evidence of the phenomenal performances on the field.

Here, this article presents a list of best basketball conferences of 2019-20 based on the top-ranking teams and the players’ individual potential.

8 Best Basketball Conferences

1. Big Ten

The best-known character of this Big Ten conference was its enhanced efficiency and profound depth. Hence, with the excellent team proportionality and ratio, this was characterized as the best NCAA tournament between ten teams. Moreover, it has placed multiple rankings, with the first fifteen being the top national ranks.

Similarly, the overall big ten rankings were above the top eight ranking schools having the highest percentage squad placed against the other team. Besides, this squad managed 4-1 against the Big East that is pretty much evidence of its highly talented basketball players. Hence, the overall ratio was remarkable.

Major Placements

  • Winning place of non-conference; 3rd place with 70+%
  • Overall NET ranking; 2nd place with above 50%
  • Net ranking excluding the bottom teams; 2nd place with nearly 30%
  • NCAA Tournament; 1st place with 10 bids

Finally, it is a milestone in the history of NCAA tournaments. However, the national selection has not been possible with the limited scope for these squads. Still, the conference successfully found potential with Michigan State forwarding to the Elite Eight position.

2. Big East

Best known for its national team production, it is a hallmark in the best basketball conferences. Moreover, seven of its team went to the higher level of NCAA tournaments adding to the value in the conference’s character. Hence, Xavier and Vilanova were among the best where Xavier was a runner to the Eighth Elite, and Vilanova even advanced to the national race.

Similarly, the Big East won the best basketball percentages in the non-conference, making it shine through the game. With its four teams standing in the NET finals with each getting higher than 86 was a strong and competitive hurdle for Big Ten.

Major Placements

  • Non-conference winnings; 1st with nearly 80%
  • NET ranking; 1st with 38%
  • Net ranking excluding the ending two teams; 1st with 26%
  • NCAA tournament; 1st with 7 bids out of 10

Hence, this was the best basketball conference with the absolute potential and national recognition with the ultimate NCAA placement. Moreover, it also sent its four top potential teams to the big dance marking a spot in the best conferences of 2019-20.

3. Big 12

The top-ranking American Athletic Conference known as Big 12 was famous for its advanced place in the Elite upper with the ideal percentages in the NCAA Tournament with the year’s number 1 performance. Hence, it has been a promising talent and competition in the overall journey with its brilliant ten teams.

Moreover, Kansas was the absolute potential most likely to be nominated for the national selection with the improved performance in the NCAA. In addition, the current five-week constant placing of Baylor in the first place makes it a tough rival in the tournament where it proved to be an absolute competition.

Major Placements

  • Non-conference winning placement; 2nd place with 73%
  • NET average placement; 2nd place with 51%
  • NET net ranking based on teams except for the bottom teams; 4th place with nearly 40%
  • NCAA bids of the tournament; 4th place with 4 bids out of 10

In essence, it was a phenomenal performance in terms of digging out the best potential making its way into the best conferences of the year. However, evaluating the team potential, Kansas and Baylor were the conferences’ highlights, with others not contributing much to the performance.

4. ACC

ACC was among the mediocre conference placement with decent performance among the competitors providing the overall above-average potential. Hence, Florida was among the best impaired, with Louisville running for the best NCAA placing.

Moreover, its top three teams were placed among the best NET ranking with the above-average NET ranking overall, making it 6th in the position. However, the bottom standing teams were lacking its potential with the lowest scoring performance.

Major Placements

  • Placement of non-conference winnings; 5th place with 72%
  • NET overall ranking; 6th place with 69%
  • The overall NET place with the elimination of bottom teams; 5th place with 50%
  • NCAA tournament bids; 5th place with 4 bids out of 10

In essence, it was a decent and outplayed performance with the top-scoring NCAA bid in the tournament. Hence, it can be considered the best and top-ranking potential with its top four teams assist the league scores.

5. Mountain West Conference

Being in the best potential in the NCAA tournament with 8 bids, Mountain West was the best basketball conference. Hence, it has the best team potential with its top four scoring teams’ ultimate performance, including the Neemias and Queta.

Similarly, the Merille gained the second-ranking in the conference, with an average of 21% of the scoring in each game. Thereby, having the potential of winning for the last two consecutive years builds the already existing pressure of absolute performance in the field.

Major Awards

  • Coach of the year; Brian Dutcher and San Diego State
  • Player of the year; San Diago and Malachi Flynn
  • NCAA tournaments bids; top ranking with 8 Bids
  • NET ranking for overall performance; 2nd place with overall 6 to 7 rankings

Hence, the overall ranking was considered the best basketball conference with the best and top ranking in the NCAA tournament and the NET ranking. Hence, even acknowledging the bottom scoring teams, the performance potential does not disappoint the basketball lovers.

6. Atlantic 10

The best-known potential in the NET ranking and the NCAA ranking is the Atlantic 10 with the best 12 gaming winning streaks having the ultimate potential. Hence, it is responsible for the ultimate double-digit scorers between the VCU and the Davidson without losing in these consecutive matches.

Fordham Jeff has been the year’s coach for the past three continuous seasons scoring the consecutive NCAA tournament placement for the three seasons. Moreover, the freshman awards go to the two players from VCU and Massachusetts, making these two teams the team’s best potential.

Major Placements

  • NET ranking; 3rd rank with 70+%
  • NCAA tournament bids; 8 bids with top rank
  • Coach of the year; Fordham Jeff
  • Best freshmen; Nahshon Hyland, VCU
  • Best scoring teams; VCU and Massachusetts

Finally, having the best scoring top three to four teams with eight bids in the NCAA tournaments can contribute to its standing. Hence, it has the perfect potential and national selection potential with the best from VCU.

7. Pac 12

First and foremost, this PAC 12 has been the ultimate fresher for 2019 because of its high end and absolute talent with the best coach of the year. Hence, it has been able to score the best ranks in the NBA with Bruins scoring 8-9 overall.

Moreover, under the supervision of coach Mike Cronin, Bruins was the potential team of the series, making its place in the NCAA tournament with the top seven teams. Thereby, these seven teams were the top-scoring and competitive in terms of depth.

Major Placements

  • Non-conference winning place; 4th place with 72%
  • Overall NET ranking; 4th place with 60%
  • NET ranking except for the bottom teams; 3rd place with 39%
  • NCAA tournaments bids; 7 out of 10

In essence, the conference was remarkable in the American Athletic Conference with theNET ranking and the sports simulation. However, the team was not strong enough to stand and advanced to the Elite ranking, making it decent but not the absolute best in the ranking.

8. SEC

Firstly, this conference has overall decent performances in the NCAA and NBA ranking with a mediocre ranking in the NET placement. Hence, the representation of the eleven players in the tournament makes it best in terms of the best potential among other teams.

Similarly, the representation of players in the CBS and the NBA draft provides the absolute potential for the consecutive two years. Hence, according to talent and freshman, this conference can be categorized as the best basketball conference.

Major Placements

  • Non-conference ranking; 6th place with 69%
  • NET ranking overall; 6th place with 64%
  • NBA ranking; 1st place with 15
  • NCAA bids; 4 bids

In essence, it has the best ability and talent production, making it a milestone in recognition of talent. Hence, with the excellent NBA and NCAA ranking, this SEC has the best capability for consecutive seasons.


In conclusion, the last three consecutive years mark the overall ranking’s efficiency with acknowledging and recognizing the absolute capacity. Hence, the expectations have been increased for the upcoming events for better investments and results.

The best basketball conferences in terms of talent recognition can be;

  • Big Ten; famous for its excellent NCAA ranking and the freshman talent
  • Big East; best because of its NET ranking and the best potential of the top-scoring teams.

With these big favorites impaired with SEC a the Big 12, the upcoming shortlisting can surprise the fresh talent. However, the pandemic can serve as a challenge for the unusual and complicated games.

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